Monday, April 29, 2013

Easter Morning 2013

So here my girlies are on Easter morning.  Nevermind the cute matching gowns that we have done every year thus far.  (I mean, it had to end sometime, right?!)
Nah.... Gabs just went on and slept in one of my vee neck tees!  ha.

But, here they are following the trails to all of their goodies from the Easter bunny.
Miss Fashion is pretty happy thus far.
And a maxi dress.  And gladiator sandals.  And trefoil print leggings.  Yessssss.
And then she found this "big girl" dress and some high heels.  She was ready for church... or so she THOUGHT!!
Gabs would be perfectly content with a couple of suckers and a pack of gum.  She is EASY BREEZY when it comes to being materialistic.
Ellie was doing pretty well following the tape clues!
I thought this was the CUTEST.  The New York peplum shirt and a tiered mini skirt.  She appears to love it.  But to this day, she has refused to wear either of them every day since Easter.  She is NOT so easy to please!
More than likely the only way I could get her to wear it is to lay it out for gabbi to wear.  I did that tonight.  I chose something from Ellie's closet that she absolutely hates ( a dress and a pair of moccasins) and laid it out for Gabbi.  As soon as she saw it, she started throwing a fit, saying,"That's MINE!  I want to wear that tomorrow!!".  Now, understand, I have been trying to get her to wear those moccasins just about everyday since fall!  And she's consistently refused!  Until she thought Gabs was going to wear them!  That kid is something else.
Speaking of something else... look at these high heels they had at PayLess.  They are the cutest.  Miss Sassy also thought these were going to be on her feet at church that morning.  Ummmm... NO!

And they both got new make up kits, so all was well in the world!
It was a pretty successful Easter morning.  And it's kind of weird to be this behind on blogging that I feel the need to recount a morning from a month ago!
I'm gonna do better!  Okie dokie.  Off to beddy bye!



Crystal said...

Enjoying the updates.
I'm interested to see if Ellie or Gabbi wears the clothes and moccasins for tomorrow.

Amy K said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Oh my, Ellie sure did look all grown up in the heels & dress "for church"!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to hear if Ellie wears the outfit in the morning! She's a kick! They are just the cutest little girls!!

Zhohn said...

Love the "big girl" dress! The heels are adorable.

Susantwilhelm said...

Love the bunny trails! The smiles are absolutely infectuous!

Becky said...

Ellie will wait for Gabs to get dressed in something else, then she will take off the dress she didn't want to wear. I don't think you can fool that Ellie. They are both too precious

Lisa said...

Love the excited happy faces!