Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All about Ellie

Now you didn't really think I would do a whole blog about Gabs and leave out my sweet Ellie Sue, did you?!  Of course not!  She gets her own post too!  If Gabs is my mama's baby, Ellie is my totally independent one!
This girl doesn't miss a lick!  She dresses herself, regardless of whether or not her mom has approved said outfit.  She bathes herself, makes her own sandwiches, pulls out her own art supplies and gets crackalackin, and even keeps her own fish fed!
She always knows EXACTLY how she wants her hair done!  For instance, a "regular bun" wouldn't do.  She wanted a SOCK bun on a big spongy roller.
And on dance day, she lays out her own "dance" clothes to wear to school, totally to represent her favorite teacher and dance school.
I know I've mentioned a thousand times that she thinks she is a tween.... but I seriously mean, the child does not have the concept that she is just a little five year old.  She has very strong opinions and shares her very strong voice and  view on things.
For what it's worth, I think she is an "old soul".

SHe's a thinker!  She can contemplate fairly deep topics and tries to hold discussions with me and her dad regarding them.

She can pop out one day in a halter and booty shorts, causing World War Three in our house, and then the next day, she'll have ruffle pants and a bow the size of Texas, as she feels this will make me happy.
(Gotta admit though... she DOES look pretty dang sweet and innocent in this!)
She is so sweet when she is one on one.  For whatever reason, it takes her being alone for that sweetness to come out.  I think that when she is with others, she is rather competitive.  WHERE does she get that from!?  ha
Every morning, we have this sight.  So many people who know of our ongoing clothes war say, "Just lay out the clothes the night before."  As if I haven't thought of THAT!  We do!  But, by the morning, she often has a different idea of what that day holds for her, so we have to totally regroup, and believe me when I say, neither of us are morning people, so we aren't exactly our best selves at that time.  Nor have I gotten her up early enough to have a full on wardrobe do over!
Ellie is a special girl.  She is highly intelligent.  I think she will be a leader.  She's all of 3' tall and is like a little Pied Piper when friends are over.  She even bosses the big kids.  And they listen!
Ellie Bellie was my first born.  She is teaching me a lot about being a parent.  She is teaching me a lot about the art of negotiation and how to be more patient.  She is also forcing me to read parenting books which is teaching me about hearing EVERYONE's voice in the family, as we all have a role to play and an opinion on how the family unit operates.  I'm trying to learn to be more open to that.

She is my high spirited kid.
She has a great big ol personality!
and despite all her "big girl" antics, she is the one who still sleeps right between mom and dad every single night!  She loves to do art with me in the art room.  She strives to impress me and wants to make me proud.  And Ellie Sue... I AM PROUD.  I am proud of your ability to LIVE OUT LOUD!  Noone could ever deny that you are MY CHILD!

And so,as I think back, the moment this child was placed in my arms, was the happiest moment of my life!



Patricia said...
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Patricia said...

coolest post ever!!!

Kai said...

Beautiful tribute to what this daughter of yours gives you each day!

Mama J said...

Yes, Ellie is your mini-me. I would love to be around as she gets older to see where 'she leads life', cuz I think that is the way it will be. LOL She is a beautiful little girl..

Amy K said...

Great posts about your girls. I love how different they are (my girls are too). Oh the blessings that each of them are...

Zhohn said...

I love that girl's personality! It will get her far in life.

I hope she continues to lead and stay a strong, independent little lady. I know she makes you proud :)

Jeni said...

Oh Mel...I love all your posts. But I have to admit your last two have been my favorite. Your girls are so lucky to have such wonderful Mom!!!

Tracy Robinson said...

Love your posts. I'm a mom of two girls also who are as different as night and day. It's a challenge but certainly reaps the best rewards that I've ever experienced. Your girls are so lucky to have you.

Shannon said...

Sweet words, Momma.

kimybeee said...

amen on that one being yours lol i bet your momma and daddy laugh their butts off when you are telling ellie tales! i have always thought that child looks like jake - maybe he stokes her independent side lol you are very blessed to have one strong willed and the other more passive. if they were both one or the other you would have a miserable household!

does todd get to see the booty shorts lol