Sunday, March 3, 2013

The drama queen, picture hog, and whiney butt

Boy does this photo shoot sum up these three and their distinctively different personalities!!  Madi, above, pouting because she can't hold the fan.
Gabbi pushed to the rear by the two "big" kids in the foreground.  They think they are just so much older than Gabs.
And then, we had a little costume change, and again, the divas were ready to pose it up.
Here, we have a pretty great example of miss camera hog/ poser/ front and center, Ellie!
"Back it up, girls, I need the spotlight!"

and then, inevitably when these three are together, Gabs will end up in tears.  Not so sure why here, but the two bigs definitely feel they are much, much older than she.  (Madi is less than a year older!)
Gabbi is sensitive.  It doesnt' take much!  And look at Madi, here.... oh the looks!
Flash forward to our outside photo shoot!
Once again, we get to see some really "unique" poses!
awww... look.  Looks like Gabbi Girl got her emotions under control.

And Ellie isn't going to stop posing for ANYTHING!!

and don't think I am just heartless!  Gabbi usually cries over not much, and she needs to learn how to help herself get over such events.  It is a life strategy that is important.
and besides, she usually does suck it up and get it together and is back to playing with the crew.  I love on her, kiss on her, and also make sure she can learn some self coping skills too.
I cannot even imagine the teen years with all those hormones.  And around our house... it's girls, girls, girls!

Have a good week.  Mine should be much calmer than last week.  Thank goodness!!


Unknown said...

These pics crack me up! It's so funny to see their personalities shine through the lens!

Amy K said...

Haha! I shouldn't laugh, but these just crack me up. Great job capturing all their different personalities!

nss said...

Oh, Can I feel your pain.. The memories (or terrors) of 3 teen girls in my house. Dressing for dances ALWAYS was good for at least one melt down and usualy the youngest. At 26 and 2 at 28 my girls are so amazingly close it makes me really smile when I can watch them all togeter again. Fun stuff :)

Becky said...

so funny. I would have thought you would have had 3 fans. Has Gabbie ever had a friend ome to play with her? It might be interesting to see how Ellie would cope being the odd one out - or with her "A" type personality would Gabs still get pushed to the back. You are right, she is learning some life skills she will need in the years to come but it still makes me want to just wrap my arms around her when I see her cry....

snekcip said...

Oh how the personalities are SO EVIDENT in this post!! LOVE when Madi makes the post!! They are too funny!!

We have "personalities" abound here too...ESPECIALLY when the grandsons are here. We have an INSTIGATOR(4yr old Caylen)who thrives off of getting a reaction from all that he annoys, The INVESTIGATOR(3yr old Brendon who ALWAYS runs and tells EVERY DETAIL of what OTHERS are doing besides himself, a MEDIATOR (2yr old Braydon who tries to keep everybody calm and offer his toy to calm the conflict, the DICTATOR (Bre who feels she is the oldest and everyone should listen to her because she goes to BIG GIRL school and NOT baby school) and my sweet ADDY-GATOR. 4month old Adalyn, who's precious gurgles and babytalk drowns out ALL THE CHAOS going on!