Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dylan's Baptism

It was kind of a big deal kinda day!
Our buddy, Dylan, was getting baptized!
So, Ellie put on her fanciest necklace, (haha!!  Btw, thanks for that, Kimie!), and awaaaay we went.  We would be meeting some of her favorite people at church, after all.

We didn't take our camera into church, but we did have it handy AFTER church when the "eatin meetin" began!
This is Hannah, also one of our babysitters and Dylan's little sister.   And of course, you know KK.
They taught me to Snapchat that day!
Good ol' Ellie.  You can always count on her to keep it real.

She was very much in her element... just her and a bunch of big girls teaching her new tricks on the iphone!  Great!

And who doesnt' love Chili's?!  Just sayin'.



Mama J said...

The Massey gurls were rocking it...and yes...the young'uns can teach us a lot...phones, cameras and otherwise.....LOL...

Amy K said...

My kids are way more tech-saavy than I, for sure.
We haven't been to Chili's in a long time. Hubby used to like going there when they had their awesome blossom.

Pierce's Mama said...

Mo is rocking the houndstooth!!!

Love it!!

Foley, AL

AiringMyLaundry said...

Mmm, Chilis. We love it there.