Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quality Time with my big girl

Better late than never...let's discuss our fun trip to the dance competition/ workshop this past weekend.
Ellie and dropped Gabs off at daycare, and we kissed Daddy goodbye, and we headed out to our adventure.
Our travelling companions were Breanna and her daughter, Renee, who was also having her first ever dance competition.
We got off to a slow start, because I stopped off to fill up my car and get an oil change.  I also got a new air filter, two new wiper blades, wiper fluid, a carwash, and....
well, is seems I have LOTS of other things that are "recommended"!!
Because I was travelling with a pretty low maintenance friend, we just "meandered" our way down to Baton Rouge!  We stopped first, about 1/2 way there in Natchez, MS.
It was a good decision... Natchez  is a quaint little place with a really cool downtown area.
A real jewel of the downtown area is Darby's!
I don't know if any of you might remember, but last summer, I went to a weekend at the lake at Darby's house, where I was in charge of a paint project. Kelsey, my precious little angel baby, who I treat at the office, is Darby's great niece.
She told me to drop by her shop any ol time.  Well, that time became last Saturday.  Our girls loved strolling the area.
And might I say that Darby's fudge is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
Darby gave us a suggestion for a cool, little lunch spot.  We walked a few blocks to Cotton's.
And here, we met the Talliafero's.  They were just travelling through also from Texas.
We got to know them, and their story, while we told them ours!  They are just a couple who like to travel to new and interesting places in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.  That sounds so fun! I hope Todd the Bod and I do this when we are a little older.  But, as it is , we'll have kids in our house until we are at least 58.  WOW.
Please note above, that Ellie Sue is looking at Mrs. Talliaferro's grandkids on her iphone!
Oh.  Here's how you can order your own fudge.  I recommend ALL of them.  But I don't eat nuts, and I LOVE peanut butter!!
So, I would have to go with the chocolate peanut butter.

And here's a story... we were going through a Sonic on the way down to get drinks, and while there, I realized I didn't have any cash.  I used my card to pay for the drinks, but forgot to leave a tip.  And I don't dig that!
But while I was digging around in my purse, I found this!

And so I apologized to our carhop for not having any money for a tip.  She said, "I don't need a tip.  Your smile is all I need!"
I hardly think so... so Miss Carhop got herself a handstamped Moriginal!!  And I think it was probably her most unique tip she's gotten in a long, long time.

Breanna, had us so totally lost in Baton Rouge and well, quite frankly, I was getting VERY concerned!!
To say the least, we were NOT in the best of neighborhoods.  I finally said, "Bre, I am NOT staying in this neighborhood with my baby!"  And I kind of feel as if I might get shot is we don't get out of here!
As it turns out, when we were in Natchez, I'd asked her how much longer it was until we were in Baton Rouge. She used her iphone navigation to find out how long it'd be until we were in the dead center of the city.  And then, as we entered Baton Rouge, she was following directions to the DEAD CENTER of Baton Rouge!!  And believe me, I've been there, and you really don't want to go there.  Or maybe you do.  But I don't need to revisit it!
Thankfully, she realized her error, and we got back on the interstate and back on track to our actual hotel.
I looked like a pack mule as I toted in all of our bags.  And would you check out my new pillow bag?!
It's handmade, and has an actual recycled belt as the strap.  It's lined in a satiny fabric.  And it is a Deidre McGee original.  L.O.V.E. it!!  I travel with a favorite pillow, so I like being able to tote it in style.
And here we were... we'd arrived!  My big girl was PLENTY fired up!!
We dropped off our bags, and hit the road for a little shopping excursion.  More on that funness... tomorrow!



Zhohn said...

What fun! Too bad y'all were only in town for a couple days, we could have met up. I agree, certain parts of BR you do NOT want to be in! Glad y'all made it to the hotel safely.

Love that pillow bag!

breanna said...

It wasn't THAT bad!! ;)

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Days spent with your girls are the BEST days EVER!!! It never gets old, it just gets better & better.
Happy Aunt Patrick's Day!!!
Have a wonderful week,
Diana from Colorado

Becky said...

Hope you guys are ok
Did Gabbi get upset about being left home?
Becky in NC