Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's closet clean out time, y'all!

I was sick and dang well tired of not being able to find anything in my closet!  ANd so, I recruited the help of my friend, Jessica Lincoln, to come to my rescue.
I also decided that this time would be different, in that I would give her free reign to chunk anything that didnt' look good on me, was outdated, or was just plain homely.
The pile Gabs is seated atop was our first run through... and all went to either Goodwill or to some new home somewhere.
My cousin, Amber, is making some side money by selling all the cleanouts from all of our closets. The girl has been making BANK! 
Please note my tween in the background also capturing this event on camera!  ha
Not sure what this picture was all about.
I did keep a little pile of "I just cannot decide!!".
By the end of the whole process, this pile was shrinking.  Jessica is a persuasive chick!

The one thing that was a must is that we continue to keep things ROYGBIV.  I love that part of my closet organization.
I gave away some of my outfits, and even skinny butt, Jessica, took home a few little keepsakes here and there.  She is wearing a brown jersey vest to work today, in fact!
Hey, it takes a village to clean out Mel's closet!
And now we have very definite areas in the ol closet.  These are all undershirts.  Also ROYGBIV!
And there is a major surplus of my favorite hangers now.
This is actually a "before" shot of my jackets and overshirts.
I have freed up an entire rod in my closet too.  The LSU shirts are all cute, but mostly too small.  Tee shirts are just one of those things that you can't just throw on if you are an XL and it is a Med.  Nope.  NOT a pretty sight!  And yet I keep hopes of shrinking someday.
And here we have the "after" upper right side rod....
Ahhhh... a deep sigh of relief.
Even my sweet nephew, Hunter, got a little prize out of my closet. I'm thinking circa 1993 ish.... and it's been worn maybe twice!  SAD! 
Now wasnt' that a truly fascinating blog post?! 



Mbeaty19 said...

I know what you mean about t-shirts. I am the same way. I need someone that an help me clean out my closets like you do. I'm a hoarder of clothes because they carry memories. I hate getting rid of clothes if they bring back a great memory. I mean who cares if it doesn't fit or has a hole or something in it. Another issue I have is there are so many outfits I don't get much of a chance to wear: fancy dresses, maternity clothes, prom/homecoming dresses. I know I should probably get rid of some of it but again the memories! Glad you've got such great friends to help you and plenty of friends and family to take some of the overflow. Keep the blogs coming.

kimybeee said...

i thought it was an awesome post. and as a chunky chick with 3 chins if it doesn't have a v-neck, don't bring it near me. and as a chunky chick that is hot all the time, don't bring it near me if it has sleeves or layers.

Lakeville Vertical said...

I wish I had a quarter of the clothes you have or could at least get your hand me downs. :) I think I have 10 shirts in my closet. No kidding.

Amy K said...

You Groves girls have got the clothes! I love decluttering and organizing. Awesome job ladies.

Mama J said...

I am so preparing to do this. Since I retired from the 'work force' I have lots of clothes that I simply won't be wearing. I do need to increase my 'leisure' wear now....Yahooo!!!!!!

I have already donated to Dorcas House in LR before I left there and still have a butt load to get rid of here. Working on it! Freedom!!!!

Becky said...

I was so laughing when I saw this post. I have gone with the bring something in - something has to go concept as it just makes life easier. Have a super day. Becky PS - my first thought was I hope Mo didn't work all day and then have to go home and do this.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Becky, I DO have weekends!! I just have so much to do on them, that prioritizing is essential. THis was actually a Sunday afternoon project and is about 65% complete. MO

Riley said...

I love organized closets especially with ROYGBIV!! I'm slowly working on building my closet up with clothes that fit. Save those medium t-shirts-you'll fit in them one day and maybe even be smaller!

Mary said...

I have to say it was! I HATE closet organization and these inspire to get it done!