Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tucson fun!

Alrighty then... let's continue on through Tuscon.
I absolutely LOVE the cool Tibetan stuff that I found in Tuscon.  I bought the ones above for some super cool long necklaces that I will be making for Herringstone's.  I bought a few in white too, and I think all these will look cool with all the bright colors coming in the spring.  If you are a local yocal, you can go there to check them out soon.
I mean, look how PRETTY they are up close.  I cannot stand it!
Funny that I truly think I know Tucson better than I know Baton Rouge, where I went to college for 2 years.  It's because, I suppose, I have to keep my mind very focused when I am in Arizona to keep up with where I am and where I am going.  And because I go there just about every year.
This was my fortune.  I liked it.
And it is considerably different to be surrounded by mountains vs the low level we are at in Louisiana.  However, I wouldn't give up the green of our yards for the dirt in theirs for anything!!
CHECK out this amethyst geode.  I really don't know my mineral terminology, but basically, this was FULL of little amethyst crystals.  No tellin what this thing is actually worth.  I think they were asking $40,000 for this one.
Jessi... hands on the wheel!  You're gonna get us kilt!
Jessi and I found the funnest booth.  I am going to come home and learn to use clay and crystals, which I've never done before.
They take blank bezels and fill them with clay, then use little crystals to fill the background.  I so loved this look!
This is the bezel that I bought for all my beach retreaters.  I think we can make something very similar.
I also bought lots of these super awesome beads to use in earrings for spring and hopefully, my favorite little local boutique will want to stock these as well.  If they don't, I'll have a whole, whole bunch of bright earrings ready for sale on my blog!!
Couldn't you just LICK all these colors?!  So yummy!
Oh, and I bought a pretty good stock of these handmade beads as well.  They are ceramic.

These are the jeans that I MUST recreate with the great textile ribbon I bought from India.
yep.  I am gonna have these cool cuffs around my ankles!  Get ready!

It was tough to deide.  And then, Jessi and I both struggled to figure out which ribbon we thought would make the coolest camera strap!
This is the booth with all the cool Indian goodies.
It had good energy!  And was just so fun to shop in.

Don't all pictures look better with Instagram filters?!

I'm not even a big wine drinker and I was all for a big ol glass of Riesling after hours upon hours of digging and scouring for hours in tiny bins and standing for ohhh... like, 8 hours straight.... for 4 straight days.
And now it's Jessi's turn to take a photo with our bigass appetizer!
More to follow.  And thanks to all of you for commenting after my rant on my love language on Sunday!  I appreciate it.



Zhohn said...

Love those bright beads! Can't wait to see your jeans, what a great idea.

Don't forget to send me details on the retreat :)) may have a friend interested also!

Unknown said...

Love all the gorgeous colors and fabrics! It would be super hard for me to choose......

Unknown said...

Love all the gorgeous colors and fabrics! It would be super hard for me to choose......

Becky said...

love the bead colors. Did you and Jess eat that whole apetizier?

Mbeaty19 said...

Loving all the beads. Don't know how you decide which ones to buy. I know even when there is a small collection I have a hard time deciding. Can't get over all the different colors and designs. It's know wonder you keep so inspired since you always surround yourself with so much inspiration.
Love the pictures with your appetizer. I had a similar experience. I went to Fuddruckers and wasn't sure what I wanted so ordered the sampler tray. Imagine my surprise when I went up to get it and saw it came on a extra large pizza pan. Hate to admit I ended up eating most of it myself.

connie said...

ohhh myy i love those beads im going to email you about some i would love to buy if your willing to sell me some your awesome at picking out beautiful beads. i cant wait to see what you make with them.. i want to say thank you for what you sent to me iam making pretty jewelry out of them. i will message you on fb or email you soon hugs to you

Mama J said...

What a fun time you two had! Paradise for sure.. I love the new beads you are going to use and look forward to seeing your finished work.

Amy K said...

My daughter would go ape over all those beads. Wow! We have a little "rock shop" near us that I thought had a lot of jewels, minerals, beads, and jewelry. It's not even a fraction of what you saw! :)

Mary said...

LOVE those jeans!!