Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Miss America Pageant 2013

Have I mentioned that my buddy, Judy, threw a super awesome Miss America Pageant Party?!
Wellll,she did!  And guess what else.... that girl can COOK!!  So, we had delicious appetizers and little mini desserts and all kinds of goodies.
My girls loved being part of the big girl party.
Judy is Courtney (CoCo's) mama.  Courtney is KK's first cousin and best friend.
And then there is another first cousin, Lauren.  With all these girly girls, we had ourselves the makings of a true Miss America Pageant.
Everyone took their pen and paper and we began keeping notes on colors of dresses, bathing suits, and talents.
I took it pretty seriously.  I was writing down all my possibles... but then would circle the ones that I just knew would make it.
We were given points in each category (talent, swimwear, etc).  We also got more points for each phase of the pageant, i.e. top 15 to top 10 to top 5, etc.
I was feeling pretty confident til we got to the top 5. And then, if you get one wrong, you automatically get two in the wrong order.  so if you miss 2, you have 4 wrong.  Does that make sense?!

Everybody was motoring along pretty evenly, and then it came... the final 5!
Gabbi checked out somewhere around swimwear!
So as it came down to the wire, wanna know who took home the grand prize?  The TROPHY that Judy custom made just for tonight's competition.

The winner was LAUREN!
Middle rear row... black shirt with crown on.  A good ol girls' night is always in order!
Love being a part of this crazy crew.



Amy K said...

Looks like a blast! You and your crew always know how to party it up.

Becky said...

sounds like a great time! I'm guess Ellie was rating them pretty good too