Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mary Allison's prom dress

Let's take a little stroll together on a prom dress shopping trip. 
For the record, the night we went dress shopping was the night of the Miss America Pageant. And lo and behold what did we see on the tv?  THIS dress!  Except in white.
Most of the dresses she tried on were too big.  THis one was about 2 sizes two big, but she just wanted to get a feel for the look on her.
And this one was HUGE.  But it was enough to let her know if she'd be cool with the color, style, etc.
I personally liked this one.  Classic.  A jersey-esque material.  Would be great to have into college for cocktail/ evening parties and formals.  But not enough bling for miss thing!
This one had a prety back and I liked the material again.  She might need some tighter panties, but that's for discussion on a nother day.
Speaking of tighter panties... we found this awesome little cupcake shop!  So delish!!
Oh.  OK.  Back to MA!
Isn;t that a good look.  ANd just like Ellie, she could size up an entire look by putting on a dress.  "Well, of course I'd have my hair up with this one.  and long showy earrings..."  Yeah.. Of course!
I am SOOO ready for planting my annuals and getting my hands in the dirt.  COme on spring!!  (There's a bird)
We did a little shopping for me too that day.  I showed MA... if I were skinny, this is how I'd dress.  I'd have skinny legs and would wear comfy little artsy jersey skirts, because my butt would be so tiny too.
Ok.  Back to MA.  I wasn't a fan of the nude palette.
My complete outfit.  I'd wear a thin tee shirt, because I wouldn't have to worry that the fabric would show my fat rolls.  And of course, it'd always be bright.  Anything with pompom ball trim on it is OK with me.
As in ANNNNYYYY of these!!  I got the lime green one with hot pink balls. (and the lime green with turquoise fringe on the bottom pallette)
Oh yeah!  I have the wallet that corresponds with this and is made by the same company. IN that skinny world, my boobs wouldn't be ENORMOUS and I could actually wear these cute little tees!
If I wore it now, It'd say, "Think HAPPY BE Happy".
I am so inspired by fun window displays!

Ok new dress shop.
Look at all the colors!  And she was pretty much going black and white. Period.

I convinced her to go eat ceniche with me.  It was so dang good.
I was just the dress toter.  I would haul em in and out of the dressing room, while her highness tilted her head and checked herself out!  It's her world, I just live in it!
And after about 20 dresses tried on, and about 200 looked at....
We trucked it on back home, down Interstate 20, with absolutely nothing!

But, it was a memory made!
And because she will be going to college in a few months, we need to make all the memories we can!
She's my girl!



snekcip said...

Oh man do I remember THESE times!! My daughters would trudge EVERY DRESS SHOP in HOUSTON and DALLAS!! It was a NO-NO to shop LOCAL!! Aaaack!! You couldn't see your "twin" at the PROM!!! Those dresses can be REALLY PRICEY TOO!!! Thank goodness, afterwards we donated them to a charity afterwards !!Made it all seem worthwhile ESPECIALLY after days, weeks and months of SEARCHING and the DAY AFTER PROM the dress is a distant memory!! Thank goodness it was passed on to make NEW MEMORIES!!

Kaia said...

Some cute ideas/colors... But what happened to modesty?

Lisa said...

In the best way - it is their world and we just live in it! But, that mostly makes for many great memories as you say. You are a gem for doing a most challenging (but rewarding) "task." When Sami was a senior two years ago, some of the girls convinced everyone to post pics of their dresses as they bought them - a blessing in one way to avoid a "twin" as said above, but not a blessing for a friend's daughter who didn't want any similiarities . Loved MA in all the dresses except pale one, and especially loved the pink one. But she'll know when she finds the ONE :). And yes too, donating it makes it all end the best.

Christy said...

Love that you are making the precious memories with MA!!! Can't wait to see the dress she decides on.

Christy said...

Love that you are making the precious memories with MA!!! Can't wait to see the dress she decides on.

Amy K said...

Prom dress shopping is so much fun. I'm sure she'll find the perfect gown, and of course, look absolutely beautiful in it.
What a blessing for the two of you to be able to share moments like this.
I look forward to seeing what she eventually decides on.

mom in iowa said...

She is so lucky to have you (and you her). Wish I had someone like you to step in and help fill the void after my mom died when I was 15.

mom in iowa said...

She is so lucky to have you (and you her). Wish I had someone like you to step in and help fill the void after my mom died when I was 15.

mom in iowa said...
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Shannon said...

She's blessed to have you.
Where was Ellie? Seems like she would have been in her element - but I understand...all about MA!
And btw - I love the way you dress. Always have.

Phyllis Lines said...

Great that MA has you to go with her on these outings. And just think, it's practice for when you take Ellie in another 11 or so years.

Mary said...

LOVE those dresses! She looks beautiful and what a fun activity for you to partake in! I have to agree with you on the nudes though. Yuck. I once had a nude bridesmaids dress. It was hideous.

Mbeaty19 said...

What a great bonding experience for Mary Allison and you. I'm sure the time together will forever be in your heart and your mind. She is blessed to have you in her life and vice versa. So many beautiful dresses and all looked fantastic on her (though I agree the nude was not her color) I can only imagine what your prom dress shopping trips will be like with Ellie! Glad to see Mary Allison is doing well and you were able to have this special time together. It's crazy to think she'll be graduating.

Renee said...

MA is lucky to have you to share these times with. My son's girlfriend saw a dress and loved it. Tried it on and said this is the one. Have fun dress shopping b/c with 2 more younger girls you'll have many many more dress trips in your future. Oh and I too fantasize about what clothes I could wear if body parts were much smaller in alot of places. :)

Unknown said...

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Emma said...

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