Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

 Get ready.  This will be a week long adventure!
 We are going to culminate at the end of the week with a little guessing game.  Are you ready?  GO!
 I put a MASSIVE amount of ornaments on my family tree.  MASSIVE!
 And I did something different this year.  I clustered my ornaments on the tree with themes.  I had a Gabbi area, an Ellie area, a certain section for each of "my boys", a section on Todd and my travels, an area especially for the dogs in our lives.... etc.

 Of course, this is the year we started adding kindergarten ornaments. Yessirree, we have some jewels!

 And I mean, I have typically two or more ornaments per branch.

 I have ornaments from the boys from when they were wee ones, and I've added photos just about every year thus.
 I added a few new ones this year.  I made some new ones with a few of our favorite days and favorite people on them.
 That one with KK above is one such ornament, and the snoman below as well.
 We have fingerprints, handprints, and precious treasures.
 I use lots of extra swirlies and chains and mesh decor to add depth.
 But starting tomorrow, I will be showing each little category of ornament in all of its glory. One by one.
 And at the end of the week, we'll see who can guess how many ornaments were on that tree, and I'll send a surprise to the one who guesses closest.
 So, are you ready?

 Todd was ready to help me take down the tree, but I told him to hold up.  I had been asked time and time again over the holidays how many ornaments I thought I had on that tree.  And by now, I was just plain curious!!  And so, I counted them!! One precious ornament at a time.
 And not only did I count them, I reflected on them.  What they stood for.  Who gave them to me.  Why it was important enough for them to be represented on my tree.
 This is a 12' tree, if that helps you with your guessing.
 And I'll be posting lots of pictures, but not necessarily EVERY ornament, so don't try to count the pics.
Get ready to rumble!  And by the way, I think I have my word!

More on that later.


connie said...

iam ready to count how many you have its going to be so much fun i love your pics today hugs

kimybeee said...

doesn't it make you sad to put them away??? i love my trees and the dreary winter is not the same without the glow in the house!!!

looking forward to kicking this contests butt lol lol

Beth E. said...

This will be fun. I will be way off with my estimate, but I will get a kick out of seeing everyone's estimates!

I hate to take down my trees, too. It's sad - and dark - in my house when the trees are gone. We'll be taking ours down this weekend, while our 6' 5" son is home to help - he does the high parts!

Zhohn said...

Oh I loooove it; so personal and full of pure joy and love! The Tarzan ornament is adorable ;)

Debbie Dankelson said...

What fun! I'm ready!!

Renee said...

ornaments by my kids are my favs. May not be pretty, but so meaning ful

Amy K said...

Very nice! The handmade from my kids pull at my heartstrings. I don't like putting them away each year, but I sure do love getting them out and reminiscing each year.

Curious to hear what you decided for a word.....