Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MMPT Retreat Part One

Sorry for my slacker self on this blog o' mine!!  I have been pretty dadgum busy... from sun up til sundown!  I have most of my Christmas taken down.  I have most of my closet cleaned out.  I have most of my girls' closets all exchanged and ready for the season change.  And I have written a blog post most days!  Not all that like me, but I seem to not be completing anything lately.  I have so many irons in the fire!  I'm sure not unlike all of you... this is a busy time of year, I suppose.
So, back in December, we took a day to have the second retreat of the year for MMPT staff. 
We had so much fun and ended the year on a good note, bonding and planning for a great 2013. 
We took time to vote on our main VALUES at MMPT.  Each person got 5 votes.
And we had all of these words which were "candidates" as they were chosen at other times thorughout the year by the employees.
We determined our mantra for 2013 would be "Decide to Grow Daily".  Using the word, "Decide" means that we are going to be INTENTIONAL about growing personally and professionally, individually and as a team!
Tom, our business director, got the show started with some fascinating information about Medicare.  ha
Patchez and Summer were in charge of our team building activities.  I was glad that someone else tood that project on, as it made it fun for me to have no idea what to expect.  I got to enjoy them too.
They took a lot of htem from "Minute to Win It".  Remember that show on TV?  With Guy Fieri?
Look at our good looking group!  Seriously, we have pretty therapists and staff!
This is where the teammates had to try and unroll a whole roll of Chrismas ribbon tied to the end of one person's wrapping tube.  It was pretty hysterical watching all of them shake their groove thangs!
Here's Ron.  He's a therapist in the Shreveport office.  He's been with me for years!  He is also a perennial TEAM JAKER.  He did the marathon in fact.
And this is Keif.  He and I work very closely together as he is a leader in my pediatric clinic.
Lindsey has been my main therapist in the Monroe office.  She is moving onto the next phase in her life which is sad for me.  It is what needs to happen for her right now, and I am hopeful our paths will cross again someday.  She's been a great asset to our team... full of energy and passion.
Cat is new in the Ruston clinic.  She is a tech who is working with Jessi.
Patchez is our wonderful pediatric OT.  She is a whiz in the area of sensory processing disorders as well as helpign kids get better organized for better success in school!
We had a local business let us borrow their facility for our retreat.  It was a big ol', wide open room.  Emery worked her magic to bring our theme to the room and used our colors everywhere to really add some character to the space.

I actually have no idea what is going on right here.  But it looks  pretty intense!
Hey, there's John Wesley.  Would you believe he is going out with my beloved KK!?  I told him, "I'M WATCHING YOU!!".  And he better believe, so is KK's "other daddy", Todd.
In this game, the participants had to suck and hold an ornament through a wrapping tube and walk it to your partner, where they have to make the transfer successfully the same way.
From there, they have to bend and hand the ornament on a line with the hook of th ornament.  

Way to go, Renee!!
Jessi and Becky got this game down pat.
They figured out a way to just shove that ornament right on down in the tube and avoid the sucking altogether.
I smell a rat!
I have so many fun things to share from this inspiring day that I had to split up the blog posts into three different posts.  Stay tuned.  More on this to come!! 

I am totally committed to our personal growth this year.  My word is AFFECT.  There are a lot of people I hope to affect this year.  Positively!  I have a leadership meeting every Thursday morning where I share information from my John Maxwell experience.  We are presently studying the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership!  I am LOVING it.  I can actually see the growth in my leaders in the company!  And they are voicing a change too.  There is a whole different "feel" in the company. 

Nighty night, all.  Gotta watch a little Max & Ruby with my babies and snuggle up.



Phyllis Lines said...

Looks like you had a great retreat - fun times, team building and learning all rolled into one meeting!

Kimmy said...

My group at work has begun almost the same team building effort. We had a consultant from Frankin Covey teach us about the 4 Disciplines of Execution & WIGs (Wildly Important Goals). I've never seen these people so fired up before and I hope that ours is as successful as yours.

I had also sent an email to you about a baseball bracelet. Have you seen it by chance?


Zhohn said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Hope y'all keep growing together :)