Monday, January 14, 2013

Let the randomness continue

Ok here we go again.. total random pics from my phone.  Here we have my favorite lip liner.  It costs .99 and is at Sally Beauty Supply.
ANd here we have those crazy elves having a little free for all in our messy pantry.. complete with squirt cheese!
Again, Todd the Bod worked it out.  ANd again, the girls were in AWE!
Gosh, we could really use a pantry reorganization party!

Look at our sweet Lizzie girl.  She is the calmest, most awesome dog!!
So presh!!
Simple little blog posts lately.  I have been doing some M.A.J.O.R. closet clean out with my friend, Jessica.  She has managed to convince me to clean out well over half of my clothes.  It is very liberating.  Really fits more into my word of the year last year... "order"!  This kind of cleaning out is what I had in mind when I chose that word.  I can't find anything to wear, even my new, "i love that" kind of clothes, because I have so many that all I see is clutter when I am in there!  So, I am just picking the things that  a) fit  and b) I'd actually CHOOSE were I to go out.  That eliminated a LOT of stuff!  It feels good to be this "light". 



Amy K said...

Great word!!

My son & I just went through his dresser and packed up the too smalls to donate. It's so gratifying to declutter.

Zhohn said...

Is Lizzie back?

I need to go thorough clothes and organize too :/ it's overwhelming though!

Sharidrew said...

I did that over "Christmas break"! We went through our closet and threw away clothes that needed gone and donated the ones that were still in good shape. It is amazing how much space I have in my closet now! LOVE IT! Lizzie does look like a sweet doggie. Organize that pantry! It's driving me crazy! HAHA.....

hugs from Missouri,

jenny said...

I really need to de-clutter as well. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings to you today.

snekcip said...

I have decluttered Bre's closet and MY closet and I must agree...IT FEEL GREAT!!!!

PS That Lizzie is one beautiful dog!

Susantwilhelm said...

I sooooo need to do that! Wish I had a "Jessica" to help me!

kimybeee said...

woo hoo - glad you are lightening your load!!!

and that is todd's pantry - so he needs to organize that lol lol

love sweet lizzie girl!