Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leaving Lizzie at the vet

So as you know, Todd the Bod doesn't let me let anyone know when we are out of town anymore.  That whole "burglary thing" really got his goat!  And so, it KILLS me to withhold all of our comings and goings.  WHY am I this way?!  According to the Myers Briggs, I am 100% extrovert.  That is actually not a good thing.  It's better to be about 50% of something and therefore more balanced.  As it is, I think my thoughts out of my mouth and obviously through my fingertips and onto the keyboard!! 
So, as we are gallavanting with princesses, it is KILLING me to not post pictures and tell stories and share the experience. 
So to all you robbers who read my blog, we are now back home, so stay away!  And I can now commence to tell my story from last week. 
First, we had to postpone our original flight because Ellie, Gabbi, and probably me too, all ended up with the FLU!  Gabs had it first, but she perked WAY up after 24 hours.  At 4:30 am on Friday, when we were scheduled to be on a plane at noon, Ellie spiked a 104 fever, and we were forced to call the airline who so nicely obliged our cancellation. I suppose they didn't want infection control to come force them out of business.
We begrudgingly sat inside the house all weekend long trying to get everyone well, and by Monday, we knew it was going to be a possibility!
First things first, Todd the Psycho, also feels that it is too much of a burden to have anyone feed Lizzie, so we tried our first trip with boarding her. 
We took her to our local vet and dropped her off for a WEEK!
Gabbi Lou held her leash and really didn't know what to expect as we led her into the office.

Lizzie didnt' really know what to expect either.  She is not a dog that I'd say "plays well with others".  She is AWESOME with people, but she seems highly protective over her family and rarely really wants to galavant with other dogs.  Sometimes she does, but she is WAY more of people dog!!

So, we said our goodbyes and loved on her and took a picture or two....
Gabs felt it necessary to make sure Liz was looking at the camera!  

SHe also bawled her little eyes out when we walked outside to get in the car without her.  Apparently, she did NOT know why we were at the vet.  She must have thought we were just taking Liz on a little joy ride.
And so, this is the first picture I posted on FB/ Instagram as a hint of our heading out.  Some of you figured it out.  I mean, I DID post a pic of Gabs in a Chinese outfit!  We don't typically wear that around here.  (although we might start!!)
Tomorrow, I'll post pics of airport drama!  Whoop whoop!!



Zhohn said...

How precious, Gabbi loves dog! :)) so so sweet. I love that Gabbi wanted Lizzie looking at the camera, she knows what her momma likes.

Can't wait for more pics!

Michelle said...

Awh! Love reading about your travels! Glad y'all are feeling better!

Maggie's Ma said...

It is a good idea not to post it all live. Can you write them and set them up to post the day you get back?

Are you still making the cross bracelets? I had inspiration as to how I need to live in 2013- Judge Less, Love More.


Shannon said...

Yay for pictures again!

snekcip said...

Tell Lizzie "our Paris" will have to hip her to the "nice car ride" TRICK and/or FAMILY TRIP fun! I swear our dog has got more sense than some humans I have met! HA!! She is fired up to get in the car, she hops up and does the HEAD HANGING OUT THE WINDOW and the minute we turn on "Phelan Blvd", she starts whining! SHE KNOWS it's VET TIME!! She has to be groomed ONLY by our veterinarian bc she has been BANNED from all the grooming salons! She will NOT and I mean WILL NOT let anyone touch her. MUZZLE OR NOT!! It was decided that "something to relax" her while grooming was the ONLY OPTION! Get the tune of 90bucks!! CRAZY!!! Yeah so she looks like Mr SNUFF-A-LUFF-A-CUS in between groomings sometimes! I mean seriously, that's 3 hair appts for me!! glad to see you guys had fun!! I was following along on Instagram!

REAL TIME posting is NOT a good idea. Not even on FB or Instagram!! U just NEVER know.... People are crazy!!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ What an adorable post - as usual. That Gabbi is such a sensitive little doll - crying when she left Lizzie...
And she is so cute walking Lizzie in on the leash & having her look at the camera for her picture - precious.
I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Disney and see all the pictures.
I do not have your personal email, but can you please let me know if a trip to Colorado is in your future this year? My email is:
My oldest daughter, Jackie is in Louisiana for the Super Bowl with a friend of hers. Will you be going? I told her I was going to get in touch with you.
Have a wonderful day with your two beautiful dolls & I will wait to hear back from you.
Diana from Colorado

Becky said...

Love the pix of you and the girls with Lizzie. It is pretty sad that we live in a world where we have to be so careful not to let people know we are out of town - wonder what happened to the days when we would leave for the grocery or to drop kids at school and never even lock the door. Have a great day! Becky