Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jake's collection

Jake has so many ornaments on my tree, he gets his own post! 
Of course, as many of you mention to me from time to time, M&Ms remind you of Jake.  He had a bowl of M&Ms beside him when he died.  Staci still has those.  He couldn't eat them, but they brought him comfort, so of course, we obliged.  Every time I see a new ornament, I buy it.  And interestingly, twho of them have wings!
These two bobbleheads were bought at the St. Jude's gift shop.  Jake was watching Rudolph that Christmas, so these were what was important to him at the time.
And another thing that was "important" to him was his "Hairplanes!  I see that I started this collection in 2004, the year he was diagnosed.  It was one of the few things they could do with Jake since his immunity was constantly compromised due to his intense chemotherapy regimen. 
Staci and Don would take him to the airport to watch the planes take off and land, while they sat in the comfort of their own vehicle. Jake loved that.
I have a photo of Jake in a white tee shirt, with jeans and a royal blue St. Jude cap on riding a trike.  I can remember that day as clear as a bell in my mind.  Thank God for photography!  It brings me right back to the moment!  This trike helps me remember that day too.
Then there are policemen, Spiderman, Superman, motorcycles and a train.  Typical boy stuff that he also liked.
His favorite cartoon was Spongebob and he loved Patrick, so...
And the Elvis obviously symbolized where Jake spent half his life, in Memphis.
Not sure how these slipped in, but for htose of you who are counting, here are more fillers!
And a little cluster of family initials that hang together on the family tree.
And then I found another home ornament (the door has our current address on the back) and a few more Ellie and Gabbi beauties.  The M ornament is from Andy and Kimie.
Ok, back to Jakedom.  He only had four years, so it is fairly easy to have pics from every year of his life!
And... I do!
I have pics from pre-cancer.
The one above is when all the boys wore matching plaid shirts and Jake had on the cutest little LSU beanie.  This was 6 months before he was diagnosed. 
Above is when Staci and I took Jake to the pumpkin patch.  Those are some of my favorite pics of Jake from his stay in Memphis.
And I love the one below...
It always makes me think he is looking at Heaven.  As if he already knew.
When he came home from one marrow transplant, he was bald, bald, bald... and I mean, no eyelashes, no eyebrows... nuthin'!  He as SLICK!  But still smilling ear to ear!
Above is that pretty baby from the time he was a baby. 
And I made a few to match those I made for his brothers.
Every year I add at least one to the tree.  This is this years.  I also gave mom and Staci one. 
Looks like Tarzan liked chewing on this one as well.  Oh well, I suppose Tarzan will be remembered with this one too.
The Believe ornaments are a collection that just grows on its own.  People often give me these, and they are not what I include in the Jake section.
My friend, Mandy, gave me the one above.  SHe gave one to all the people who were helpers in the Shake 4 Jake. 
Jake also really liked big trucks.  He saw enough of them, booking it five hours one way to and from Memphis so many times. He knew how to make them honk their big horns!
And finally, the big star that was once my topper.  Now, it'd look a bit diminuitive on the 12' tree, so it has become an ornament too. 

And that's the Jake collection!! 

Only a couple more posts, and it'll be guessing time.  Got your number?!



Zhohn said...

How sweet. I know Jake is so happy for you and so proud.

I have a number in mind ;)

Sandy P said...

So, how do you store all these? Do you wrap them all up? Sounds crazy.

melanie, aka Mo said...

I wrap every single one! And that's only one tree! I do four full trees. It's a labor of love, for sho

Christy said...

Sweet all of his ornaments. What a precious boy. a

kimybeee said...

no guessing yet - waiting for the finale!!! love jakie poo's ornaments!!!

kimybeee said...

the pic you said of jake that looked like he was looking at heaven - looks just like ellie!!!! no doubt your babies were gifts from heaven with some special love thrown in!!!!

Amy K said...

Oh my heart, that sweet, sweet smile!

snekcip said...

Awwww love these! Can I blame you for my LONG STAY in Target y'day gathering CUTE 90% off ornaments!
You got me HYPED about all the GORGEOUS little things you can buy. I was always a MATCHY MATCHY person, but I gotta admit...I like the THROW EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK on the tree look!! :)

PS Yeah...the TARGET EMPLOYEE'S was giving me "HURRY AND BUY" look! SO much so, I forgot to look for the silver tights!! It's all your fault! I wanna stock up on LOTS OF GOODIES for NEXT YEAR'S TREE! I'm headed back there today and get the tights and oh...more ornaments. They cut the lights off on me last night. Darn employee's must have wanted to go home! Sheesh!

My calculator is SMOKING!! Ha!!! Still counting...

Sandy P said...

Shew. We have 5 trees, but I don't put ornaments on my kids trees. But, my big tree looks a lot like yours!