Monday, January 7, 2013

Homes, Family and Friends, and madi

I'm baaaackk!  And there's only one more day!  Then, we'll be guessing on Wednesday!
Today, we are paying homage to the homes we have lived in and loved.
The little Hallmark mailbox is from Bonnie H, who was our realtor and who sold us our first home. 
I went on to add a few with the address on it throughout the years.
ANd then, we moved.  And of course, we had to celebrate the house with another ornament.
And on the tree in the home area, I also hung "homey" ornaments... those of the family.
Here's a couple of pictures of the girls and the fam that we took when trying to get our Christmas card photo this year.
This is the one that a lot of you chose when I was asking for help.  For whatever reason, I liked the vertical one on the swing better.  Todd preferred this one too. 
This is my dad and the girls about two years ago.  They were 2 and 3 I believe.  They went down to the pond to do a little fishin'!

Ellie put this one in its frame this year.  Apparently she liked the gold glitter all over the front of it, so she just left it there. Whatevs!
More family ornaments include Ellie and Madi around 6 months old, and JinJin and her three grandsons.
Look how young Staci and Don were here.
And here's my friend, Pam (Mary Allison's mom), my old neighbor, Sarah, and Jessi's kid, Kaitlyn.  They go in my friends section.
I put Gabs and KK in Gabbi's area, but Kk is a "special friend" too.
Another kid who I realized doesn't have nearly enough photos on my tree is cousin Madi.  I hardly have any since she was a baby.  I'll be remedying that situation this year!

Ok, I believe we are almost done!  Guesses will be taken on Wednesday.  And guess what.  My word for 2013 is ... wait.  Let me think one more day on that too!



Zhohn said...

Ready to find out about your word and your plans for the year.
Enjoying all of your ornaments.

Amy K said...

Love the trip down memory lane on this post! Thinking about my guess.
Nice tease about your word. :)

Sharidrew said...

This trip through your Christmas tree has made me think about my tree and how "structured" and "perfect" I have had it in years past. How only certain ornaments made the cut and all homeade ornaments were just around the they weren't "pretty" enough to be on the tree. Well, that is changing now! Of course, I only have a tree half the size of yours, but it will be totally different next year. Don't get me wrong. We have special ornaments on the tree now. Ones from my childhood tree. A new ornament for my kid each year. (usually a Hallmark one) But I think I will do MORE....thank you for sharing! It's been a blast and I can't even imagine what my guess will be. Happy Tuesday to you!

Hugs from Missouri,

snekcip said...

See Mo, you will be responsible for blog-followers TREES falling from being overburden with ornaments next year!!! LOL!!!! I got (2) trees for next year!! YES...2!!!!! I've been MOved by your tree designing to the point of buying every ornament I can find! I even find a DEMOCRAT ornament! Don't JUDGE ME! Ha!!

kimybeee said...

funny lol and you really need to rep madi on that tree! slacker lol