Saturday, January 12, 2013

FIrst Random iPhone pics post of 2013

I just think looking back at pictures from my phone is such fun!  You never know what you might find.  This is when Todd the Bod was responsible for helping the elves get into their position.  First off, I didn't even know we had a telescope!  Secondly, he must've had to go to great lengths to go find the thing (I'm guessing attic), and then, to put the thing together.
But the look of awe on the girls' faces the next morning surely did make it worth it!  Daddy was a good Elf on the Shelf helper this year!!

Next, we have one the girls' consistent requests from Santa.
STOMPEEZ... "as seen on TV"!
And Todd got this from his friend, Dakin.
This James Brown's Funky Christmas CD was in the mailbox and is the next in a series of really unique and quite frankly, hilarious, CD's from Dakin to Todd each Christmas.
This is the art table that stayed cluttered over the entire holidays.
And this is my eye... close up.  I told you... RANDOM!!
The church that the girls and I have been visiting for some time has the coolest, hippest decorations for holidays.  Check these out.

These sunglasses belong to one of the parents who brings their child to MMPT.  They are Costas.  And I just really liked them, and thought maybe I'd better take a picture of them, lest I forget what the ones I like look like.
Here is Gabs in the backseat with her grape slushie from Sonic... sound asleep.
ANd I had to order this cool white spritzy paint spray.  Just thought I'd share.
Gabbi spends about 90% of her time in the bathtub under water.  I am not even kidding!!
Erin asked me to paint this for her grandfather who gets a little over excited.  She thought this canvas might be warranted for the safety of all involved!!
I made this 24x 36" canvas for Paula's middle kid, Clayton.  It turned out pretty good.
And here are some more decorations at our church.  I bought these same big gold balls, but I LOVE how they dropped them from a metal pipe, in groupings.
They used fishing line to string cotton balls, to make it look like snow.  SO cute.

and oh the lovely things one can do with pompom balls!!
Stay tuned tomorrow for more RANDOM iphone pics!!



kimybeee said...

i didn't know your eyes were so blue!!!

glad to have you back - i miss when you post everyday. you act like you have something better to do!!!

Zhohn said...

I like the "whacky" Christmas decorations, great ideas.

Hope y'all are staying warm up there!