Sunday, December 2, 2012

Attempting Christmas pictures.

Ok, here you have it. Our attempt at getting Christmas pictures!
Well, wouldn't you know it, the photographers had a tree swing at the shoot.  Only one of my kids' most favorite things EVER!
So, naturally, there was a lot of swinging and playing, and very little attention to the task at hand.
And if you havent'  already picked up on this, Ellie is a little bit, shall we say, "busy"!?
Our photographers, Becky and Misti, had little stations set to and fro where they directed all of us or one of the girls at a time.
Todd was NOT thinking when he pulled out this harmonica and presented it to Gabs only a few minutes before we arrived.  For one thing, she played it incessantly in the car.
and for another, she didn't want to put it down when it came time to take pictures.  There were even some pics, where we just let her hold it, but asked her to put her hand behind her back.

as with all photo shoots, I am ok with however things turn out.  After all, it is capturing the  memory of this age.  Like the beach pics this year, with Ellie' leg in the air, and Gabbi refusing to even glance at the camera.  Do you remember?   Now, it's one of my favorite bunch of photos.
This harmonica was given to Gabs earlier in the day by Kelsey's grandmother, MK.  She gets my babies treats when she gets her own babies treats!

If you are the least bit interested in seeing the whole photo shoot, check out this link:
The girls are actually old pros at taking pictures.  For four and five years old, I was pretty proud of them.  These are our attempt to get our Christmas cards out and in the mail.
If you go to see them, help a sista out and tell me your favorite few. 
I think I can use several on the card.  Last year, our card was a tri-fold out thingy, so we could use several pics.  I think I want a family pic, but then again, there are some really cute ones of the girls alone.
Let me know what you think.  and the above... CLASSIC!
All for the sake of a good memory! 



Michelle said...

Love so many of them! Sorry I'm no help in choosing! You all look wonderful and it looks like you had some fun too! Such beautiful girls - growing so fast! :)

jrey said...

I say do one of the girls individually, one of them together and a family one. If I had to pick based on that scenario, I would pick 14, 19, 25, 30. They are all great!

Mama J said...

Loved the pics...there are no bad ones. My favs - 2; 23; 32 and 36. I hope to mark something off of my bucket list soon..that is meeting you and your family. Husband transferred to corporate CenturyLink so moving to West Monroe. Sylvan Lakes will be our new home. Very excited to be coming home..close to our children and grandkids. God is Good!

Amy K said...

Oh my, what a difficult decision. They're all wonderful. Ellie looks so angelic, and Gabbi's smile is always filled with such joy.
My favs are:
#11 or 19
#17 or 18
Happy choosing!

Zhohn said...

Love the first pic and the other family one where y'all are on the grass.

When did Gabbi grow up!!? :/ she's absolutely beautiful and love that long hair. I really like pic of just Ellie with hand on her hip, so her!

Also love the pic of Gabbi looking/laughing at Ellie.

Becky said...

Oh man! How do you decide?? They are ALL so cute!!

Lisa said...

Loved a whole bunch: 2,9,10,11,14,15,24,27,31,32,40
Hopefully when you do the layout it will be easy to see what fits together best -- and we all know you have a good (well, great)eye for creations of all types!

SamC said...

Great pictures! It is hard to narrow it down. These are my favorite favorites... 2, 5, 8, 24, 27, 30, 32, and 36. Good luck just picking a few. :o)

Sharidrew said...

Wow...those are all great and show all of your personalities loud and clear!! If I had to pick favorites they would be as follows:

#36 or #2 as a family choice
#10 or #19 Ellie alone
#16 or #17 for Gabs alone
#5 or #25 for the girls together

But they are all pretty fantastic! I love the one with your feet and the Merry Christmas banner. CUTE!!

connie said...

mo i love all of them so it is so hard on me to choose which ones but what ever you choose i know you will love and will you send me a card i love getting cards in the mail and oh did you read in my last blog about the beads and all i would love any that u might have just let me know. hugs and love you

dyrzas13 said...

CUTE!! I loved #2 with all of you together! I loved #19 of Ellie and of course loved #27 of your feet! The one of Gabs playing the harmonica on your back is also very cute!

Becky said...

I love the one on the blog with Ellie covering her head. I loved them all but I would go with G2, G11,G13,G31 & G36. As you can see, I loved them all. I wish they had done another with the JOY since that is one of your "words". Happy Day!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Becky, I have to assume they didn't turn out, because they snapped a lot with Joy. But I agree. I thought I would likely choose a joy one, but naaah!

Kristina said...

18, 19, 25, 28, 32, 36! One of each girl by themselves, one of the two adults, one of the 2 girls together, one of the 4 of you and the Merry Christmas shot. I like Christmas cards that include several pictures. They are all GREAT!!!

Kristina said...

18, 19, 25, 28, 32, 36! One of each girl by themselves, one of the two adults, one of the 2 girls together, one of the 4 of you and the Merry Christmas shot. I like Christmas cards that include several pictures. They are all GREAT!!!

Angie R. said...

23 and 24 are my favorites!!

charlotta said...

I am not help at all when it comes to choosing the pics, They are all adorable!!

Kaia said...

They are so cute! I like 2 for the family, 10 for Ellie, and 13 for Gabbi!

Renee said...

So many cute pics. My favs are
2 of the family
19 & 21 of Ellie
6 & 25 of both
16 of GG
All are great, so I'm sure which ever you decide will make a cute card.