Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm most thankful for...

 Since my life is an open book, I hope it is fair to say that I try to live gratefully every day.  I am beyond blessed.  I really try to not let the little (or even big) things get me down.  I have been growing personally, and have learned that it takes a higher level of awareness to realize that I cannot control all the things going on around me.  I can only control my view or thoughts or reactions toward them. 
 I also have the power to ACT and not make excuses or attach blame in situations where I was not my best self (am I sounding like Oprah?).  It has made me have a deep appreciation for my life, my family, my job, my friends....  and for sure, my children.
 And I really, really hope to pass this way of thinking and viewing the world onto my girls. I hope they learn early how much there is in life to be HAPPY about.  No need to waste a single moment being down.
 So, today, I hope you realize how blessed you are.  To breathe today.  To walk today.  To speak today. Since you are reading this on a computer, it's safe to assume you also have a home and get to be warm and cozy day in and day out.   And to have people who love you.  As well as to have people TO love!

Why don't you make a list today of what you can be thankful for.  The LITTLE things, not the biggies.  For instance, I just revelled in blocking the water from Gabbi's little eyes while I was washing the shampoo out of her hair.  I was taken aback that she had the ability to sit up and hold her head up for  me to help her.  Don't take that for granted!  I work with kids every day whose moms have a very tough time giving them a bath!  And that Gabbi trusts me to protect her eyes.  That's a powerful thing in itself.  So, watch for awesome little moments today and share them on this blog if you so feel led.  Have a great one.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!



Amy K said...

Happy Thanksgiving Groves family!

I am going to soak in every wonderful moment of today, as I am so very thankful for my family!

Zhohn said...

Very thankful here!

Mo, you do remind me of Oprah!!! It never fails that I'm always reminded by you to stay positive and be grateful!

Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your message is a powerful reminder to all of us to appreciate, share, and smile much more.

Unknown said...

So, today, I hope you realize how blessed you are. To breathe today. To walk today.- i cant walk guh

Jeni said...

Thanks Mo. You always inspire me. I too am blessed to have two healthy children, a roof over my head, a great husband, wonderful parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. I can walk, talk and use my limbs. I try never to take a day for granted. But it is people like you who help remind me that my life is truly special.

jenny said...

Thanks for the reminder, Mo. Just this week, someone said to me, "Boy, you sure get a lot of pleasure out of LITTLE things, don't you?" That was a huge compliment to me! I want to notice and be grateful for all the little blessings in my life as well as the big ones. And YOU fit right in there somewhere, Mo! God bless.