Sunday, November 11, 2012

A week in the life of.... Monday, Nov. 5th

This is how it began.  Last week one of you commented, "How do you get it all done?"  and if I had a quarter for every time someone has asked me, "How do you do all that you do?", I'd be a rich woman.  And that got me to thinking... HOW DO I SPEND MY TIME? 

And so, I committed to really keeping track of every minute of my week.  Well, within reason anyway.  I had times that I would have to go back and recall what I'd been doing, so the times weren't exact, but you'll get the idea.  Know what else I learned?!
I learned that when you try and keep up with your time, as in to consciously track it, it is VERY, very taxing, mentally!  I mean, you can no longer live the minute and move on.  You have to write it down.  Or in  my case, type it in the notes on my cellphone.
and along with the "living" I was doing, I was also taking a few pics here and there to correspond with my days.
So, above was the war of the worlds, when it was chilly AND raining, and my tween INSISTED that she wanted to wear shorts and boots without tights.  I gave up. 

And below is our noon PT/PTA face to face meeting that we have to have once a week.  We discuss any patients we've shared on the schedule.  It's a licensing law in LA.
I didn't add into my daily schedule the instagramming I did throughout the week.  But, I DID pick a few of my fave pics to instagram, because I like the filters they supply.
I kind of thought that my blog post this week would be my week at a glance.  After realizing how INTENSE this was, to journal, then compile, then screen shot and load up, I knew it'd be a day at a time.

As you can see by my schedule, this week we got hard and heavy on the Christmas decorating!
And because Ellie was snoozing and not feeling so hot, Little Miss Gabbi Lou was my numero uno helper!
We started in her room.
She was big enough to climb into her window sill this year.  That was a skill reserved for her big sister last year.  Gabbi loved helping me with her tree.

Can you see it coming together?  You should SEE the mess in this house right now.  But, I must admit, there is less down now than was this morning.  I have made out a schedule in my new planner to ensure that this all gets done by week's end, including having all empty Rubbermaids put back in the attic.
This is Todd's healthy meal.  Cabbage and carrots.
And grilled fish and shrimp.
Gabs opted for the kids' meal of macaroni.
It was time to break out the ol' puffer! 
And when bathtime was over, Sister Sue got her leg warmers on and joined us for a while.  PlayDoh in the bedroom on carpet.  I hit my head!
Ta daaaaahhhh.  The finished product.  And Ellie's is about 60% done too!
So, that's how I dealt with Monday.  I typically have a mission and stick to it.  I'll tell you all about Tuesday tomorrow.  Including my fender bender.



Zhohn said...

I am TIRED, I feel panicked and rushed! Lol
Gabbi's tree looks great. Is Tarzan better?

Can't wait to hear about Tuesday (fender bender!?).

Sandy P said...

I enjoyed this. I say I should write it all down one day. I always feel like I get nothing done, but I am always doing. Thanks for sharing.

Amy K said...

Wow! Quite a task documenting your day.
Gabbi's jammies are adorable! I always love your decorations; her tree is beautiful.

Tracey said...

Poor Ellie with the asthma. My daughter was 5 when I adopted her and she had asthma. I had lots of sleepless nights. But, by the grace of God, she grew out of it. By her middle school years there was no more inhalers, nebulizer treatments, etc. Prayers that Ellie will grow out of it as well.

Gabs tree is gorgeous!

Mo, you are an ambitious woman! And, you certainly do not let a minute of time go to waste! Very impressive. Hope you are enjoying everything that you work so hard for and not just flying through life! Take time here and there to just sit and bask in the beauty of your family and your home!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Tracey, I appreciate your thoughts. I'm a "futuristic" per Strengthfinder 2.0. And with that, here's the way I see it...
"you can pay now and play later or play now and pay later.". From a career standpoint, I look forward to being able to be very available for my kids. Lots of travel, adventure, and their extra curricular activities. To fo that, I've worked very hard in my 20s and 30s and am raising leaders at MMPT so I'm less necessary.

As for my evenings, I'm busting it right now so that when I'm off the whole week of thanksgiving with my kids, I'll be able to make ornaments with them, bake cookies, make hot chocolate, Nd watch cartoons by a fire, BECAUSE I've "paid now".

I'd hate to be perceived as someone who never has fun. I cram a lot into a day, but typically it's so the payoff in FUN can be even bigger!

I feel better now. (and if Monday wore you out, Zhohn, wait til you read Tu-Fri!! Ha)

Lisa said...

Sami's asthma improved with age as well especially late middle school into HS freshman year.

Love the pay now, play later philosophy - sort of what i did. Plus I can see that whatever you do, you do it with as much fun as possible, whether in the pay or play phase.

khulet said...

Wow I can't wait to see the rest of the week!!

Zhohn said...

I can't wait for more, Mo! Very exciting that you'll be off with the girls for the week of Thanksgiving!!

Kimmy said...

WOW! I'm reading this after taking my dose of codeine filled cough syrup and I'm definitely ready to drop! LOL! Gab's tree is just as precious as she is, and you've got me ready to do the "attic drag down"!

Renee said...

Gabs tree is beautiful. I bet she was soooo proud to help her mamma out.