Sunday, October 28, 2012

Todd the Bod turns 43.

 Hey, I mean, what do you get a guy who has everything?!

And besides, you KNOW I don't cook.  And I couldn't exactly ask him to cook his own birthday meal!  Soooooo....
 THANK YOU, Hooter girls!
 The bar was prepped and  ready.  LSU was playing at 11:00 am last Saturday, so Todd the Bod's birthday bash was planned for 10:30 AM.  How's THAT for party-hardy?!
 They started showing up slowly but surely. 
 and each man just found themselves a seat under the outside patio and started cheering on the Tigers.
 I took a picture of Todd's Birthday banner, JUST as Les Miles picked his nose!  I couldn't stand it... I HAD to keep it! I mean, what's the likelihood of my clicking my camera exactly when this happened.  And all I was really trying to do was take a snap of his banner.
 Even the youngsters came over to celebrate Todd.  Actually, the teenagers only show up for the free food!
 Tashia's oldest, Taylor, was back in town for the weekend.  And now she has a vested interest in the games!  Funny.  I remember those days!
 I have a vested interest in THESE nowadays!  Dude.  I do love a bloody mary!
 This was Todd's gift from Ellie.  She wrapped up an ET bluray disc (from his own collection!), the top of a broken spatula, and the comb part of a crown, which had lost all of its rhinestones.  Nice gift, huh!? Of course, being the good daddy he is, he went on and on about how much he loved it!
 Of course, she had to be a part of every gift opening! 
 Our buddy, Sam, is always cold.  So, for him, the warm sun at Todd's 10:30 am party was just right!
I must admit, for an early morning party, we had a pretty good turnout!
 And talk about a lot of candles!  WHEW!  43 of those puppies.
 So many that he pretended to keep warm by the fire!

 And Mary Allison thought she was just hysterical by buying him the candles that keep relighting.  I had to take a video of that for her.  She left before she got to see her prank played out!

 Such a nice party for such a nice guy!
 and as usual, the girls migrated to the art room where we made purple and gold earrings to wear to all the gameday festivities.  WHAT did I do before I had an art room?!

 Pops showed up a little later to celebrate.
 He had to help me pick out Todd's gift.  We've been having an issue with a skunk (or "snuck" as Gabbe calls it!), and Todd has been wanting a .22 to use on that little sucker.  He sprayed Earl once, and it was a nightmare!

 I think he liked it.  Daddy found a really cool rifle that had all kinds of gold trim on it.  I would've never known what in the world to look for.  So, I am glad he helped me with that.  And he had another thing to surprise us with.
 He'd just come in from the woods and had a 10 point in the back of the truck.
 And that's all I have to say about that.  I used to hunt myself, with dad, but now, and especially since I watched Bambi, I cannot think about killing a deer.  It actually grossed me out even when I used to hunt with Dad.  But now, it really, really makes me kind of gaggish when I see a dead deer.
 Didn't seem to bother this one too much though!  She was just hanging on the back of that truck like it was no big thing! I'm not sure how I feel about that.

 So, Happy Birthday to our daddy.  43 years young!  With a 4 and 5 year old, you don't have an option, but to keep on feeling and acting young.
 Oh, and then JinJin came by.  She bought Todd a day planner.  We'd had a time management course at the office two days before, and I knew he'd never buy his own! 
 Pretty nice, huh?!  We'll see how it goes.  I got myself one too! 
Have a good Monday!  Make your day a masterpiece!



Zhohn said...

What a wonderful party for such a great guy! (at least you make him out to be great!!) I really laughed out loud at the banner pic..haha!
Yuck about the skunk...ewww. Hope Todd can get him!
Oh, I can see Ellie sitting in the deer stand with pops. ;) I've never been into hunting but I've seen many deer and other things in the back of trucks lol nothing like grandpa skinning the deer and Mawmaw frying some backstrap later! Gotta love Louisiana! ;)
How thoughtful of Ellie to wrap her Daddy up some gifts!
Ok, time to get back to Oprah's Lifeclass with Joel Osteen... I paused it to read and comment! ;)

Beth E. said...

Looks like everyone had a great time...happy birthday to Todd!

Marti said...

Happy Birthday to Todd. We use google calendar and everyone has their own color. My hubby and I can update from anywhere!!!

Amy K said...

What a wonderful party! I love Ellie's gift best. :)
It's the deer-in-the-back-of-the-truck time of year here, for sure. Blech! My hubby doesn't hunt, but we typically have a bunch hunting on our land.


Happy birthday TODD the BODD.. lol... ROLL TIDE NOVEMBER 3rd... lol.

Lisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Todd. Great how Ellie picks/wraps gifts!

Lisa said...

It would be so much fun to be your neighbor and to be invited to all of your parties!! Love Ellie's gift!!