Monday, October 29, 2012

My funny Ellie Sue

First of all, I am always amazed at my kid's drawing ability. 
When I empty her bag every day, I love to see what all she's drawn on the back of her papers.  And I continue to be so proud that she can do "bubble letters".  I mean, most kids don't figure out how to do the centers of letters (like that "B" below) for a long time.  I think I learned it in junior high.  And here she is a big ol' 5 years old and is rocking her fonts like a beast!
As for her handwriting, well.... she needs to remember that she is NOT supposed to be writing in cursive.  The more I tell her, the stronger the urge hits her!
So, first off, I have the whole deal with cursive vs. print.  But that's not the biggest issue.  NO.  The biggest issue is that she continues to toy with WHICH name she actually prefers! 
When she started kindergarten, I told her that as she was just starting her school journey, she would need to make the decision if she wanted to be "Ellie" or "Ellie Sue".  She said, "I think I'll be Ellia".  I tried to explain that that was not an option. Nor was "Alli" which she also tries from time to time.
And although I agree with her that the curly tail on the lower case "a" is cute, it is not acceptable in kindergarten!
THERE it is!  That's the way Mrs. Gaskin prefers we write the lower case "a".
So, little missy is making just about perfect grades.  But.... check out the name line.  Seems she is a little conflicted. It reads, "Name Ellie  Name Alli".
And on the second page, thank goodness for Mrs. Gaskin, who just crosses right through this crazy kid's imaginary name! 
I couldn't make this stuff up!
She's a piece of work!!  But definitely makes life exciting!



kimybeee said...

of course she can draw and write properly - she has been practicing her art since she left the womb.

we also had name issues with how to write them. we used the - on top of the j in jonathan's name and they didn't want it crossed. i am one of those writers that could never write a threatening letter - i mix between cursive and print when i write. i would get id'd every time lol lol

Zhohn said...

Your girl is hilarious!!! She's got skills though! Wow, she can write in cursive, holy smokes! Haha and she can spell other names.

Go Ellie aka Alli aka Ellia! Haha

Beth E. said...

I understand her wanting to have a different name. When I was growing up, I wanted to be Trixie (as in Trixie Belden from the mystery books). I thought that name was much cuter than plain, ol' Beth! ;-)

Ellie is off to a great start in school...what a bright, funny little girl!

Amy K said...

I also learned how to print as you write about (no curly tails), and taught my oldest the same. Imagine my surprise when she had to re-learn her handwriting in kindergarten to include the curly tails, as our district teaches "d'nealian" handwriting. The complete opposite of what I had taught her.
You have one talented young lady there!

Emily said...

Your creativeness has definitely carried over into Ellie Sue-God Bless you for the years to come! :)

Sandy P said...

She does have amazing skills! When my son was about her age, he signed all his papers Yoshi. He was still in pre-k (because of when his birthday falls compared to Ellie's). His teachers just let him do it. They figured if he could write all the letters and spell it they would let it slide. By the time he got to Kindergarten, he had gone back to his given name!

MaryH said...

Okay, I just had a chance to catch up on your blog and after reading the post about the Halloween program and seeing Ellie with her boy "friends," I think Todd may have another use for his shotgun in several years. She is a pistol for sure.

Julie G. said...

I don't comment often, but I have to say that Ellie cracks me up. She is definitely one of a kind and will keep your life interesting for years! I'm quite impressed with her cursive handwriting and am thinking that she is too smart for her own good. It looks like she gets finished with her work early and has plenty of time to do some art and daydream about her many name choices. She isn't going to let those boring worksheets hold her back! :)

Angie R. said...

She is TOO much!! Love it!

Becky said...

Just wait until she starts writing her last name according to the boy(s) she likes!! Ha! That girl is hilarious!

My first grader started writing her name in cursive, too, and I have to remind her constantly that that is NOT how she is suppose to write it in school!! GIRLS!!!

Unknown said...

My kid changes her name all the time too. Right now she is Pomegranate but usually changes every few weeks. Her teacher calls her "The Artist Formerly Known As" - she didn't get it but we thought it was hilarious! She is 9 so hang on to your seats...there is lots more fun to come.