Friday, October 26, 2012

Chilling on the weekend.

 I'm pretty fired up about a low key weekend of chillin.  A weekend with no real plans, and one that these pictures remind me of...
This was earlier this week.
The girls and I were all bellied up to the bar, drawing and eating a little cereal!
 Ellie used one of those little high chairs that clips on the side of the bar for her baby to join us. But instead of sitting down in it, she was kind of straddling it! And I wish you could get a shot of the whole outfit.  Nevermind that she is a "newborn"baby doll!!  She is still wearing a cardigan, a messenger bag as a purse, and a full on teenager outfit!
 These pictures were snapped with my iphone, as all of my pics are these days, but I thought these of Gabs were particularly funny! She's so aloof, like she's the only one sitting there, and just concentrating on her cereal.
 Ho hum.  Ho hum.  I do LOVE my Golden Grahams!
 So, hopefully, we will be doing a lot more of this over the weekend.  Mama has nothing big planned.  I will be doing a lot of planning for next week.  We have Halloween to plan for, Red Ribbon week at Kindergarten, where there is a theme every day, so we will have to come up with a lot of different outfits.  Then there is the last day of my art classes... at least for the Monday group.  I already have the scrapbooks ready to rock.  I'll need to get the photos ordered and picked up before then. 

 I have been paired with my partner to professionally coach in the John Maxwell group, so I need to make contact with him, and I really need to read and watch a few more videos on coaching to be ready for him.  I need to get prepared for my leadership class I do for MMPT each week, and if I am really, really lucky, I might get to head out to Target, just for kicks.  I love that place! 
So, although it sounds like a lot, it is really a smooth and easy weekend for me!  I am so looking forward to my big ol cup of coffee in the morning, while we watch Saturday morning cartoons together.  And maybe we can have a big fire in the fireplace, just like we had tonight.  And daddy made taco soup!  Supposed to be in the 30's tonight.  That is like as cold as it gets all year long in Louisiana!!  woo hoo.



Amy K said...

Good morning Groves family! A fire sounds wonderful. I can't believe your temps are almost as cold as it is here. We're sitting at 28 degrees this morning.
Have a wonderfully, relaxing weekend!

Zhohn said...

Haha I was looking hard to figure out who was visiting but then I realized it was a baby doll!! She's styling like Ellie.

Enjoy your weekend of just planning and not running and rushing. It's chilly this morning so I'm certain it is for y'all too. Girl make time for Target! I'm hitting up Hobby Lobby and Target later ;)

Have a good weekend!