Thursday, October 18, 2012

Canton Day two.

I'm telling ya... my blog posts this week have been as random as my schedule.  Today... leadership meeting with MMPT at 7:30.  Listened to Christian Simpson teach about personal coaching for about 4 hours today.  At least.  Lunch, as promised, with Ellie at school today.  Patients alll afternoon.  (Gabbi gymnastics from 2:30-3:30; Ellie gymnastics 3:30-4:30).  Dress Ellie for PTO meeting where she was due in her class at 5:45 to sing at 6:00.  6:30 Board of Dir meeting for Twin City Ballet Co.  Race back home because Leanne from MMPT Shreveport is staying with us to be present for tomorrow's 8:00 am meeting on...
TIME MANAGEMENT!!  I cannot wait!  One of my employee's dad is a certified time mgmt dude.  He is also teaching priority setting, time activation, and using a planner efficiently.  I NEED this!
By the way, for your viewing enjoyment, we have day two of Canton!!
It's just so overwhelming.  So much to do and see!
Jinnie thinks she can only do Canton on a scooter.  She'll get up at 4am if she thinks they may be running low on electric scooters and she night not get one.  OH hell to the naw!!
I pretty much feel the same way about missing out on THIS lemonade!  It is PERFECT!! 
And you get cheap refills all day long!
This is what lunchtime looks like.  It is hard to find a place to sit!
See that there alley?!  Well, it's a special alley!
It's where the world's BEST fried pies live.  I dont' even really like fried pies.  EXCEPT these!  And then, only the chocolate ones.  But dang... they are GOOOOOD.
I had to zoom out and revisit these two perced on this bench in their sunhats.  You see EVERYTHING in Canton.  Just you wait and see.
In Canton, there seems to be an alley, hill, cut through, new building, .... around every corner.  I just don't think there is a way to see it all in two days.  I know we probably saw 50% in two days.
We hit the highlights.  Depending on what you are looking for, one of those highlights is the Arbors. 
and I tend to always stop and stock up on wrapping paper, boxes, ribbon and tulle.

I always look for the gold tiger paper for the tree in Todd's mancave.  And then of course, some whimsical red/ lime green too.
And because I am a gift giver, and like to give my jewelry away, I always seem to run through small bags.  Just another reason, I "have to" go to Canton every year.
So this is a view inside the food area of one of the Arbors.
Jin and I just parked our carts smack in the middle of the action and went in search of lunch.  Fried pickles for me.  Salad for Jin.
And when I got back, she was canoodling with some friends she found from West Monroe!
One of my favorite booths at Canton.  It supports free trade.  The money made in this booth supports women in poverty stricken countries who make their income from the items make there and sold here.
For instance, these hand made rolled paper bead necklaces.  I LOVE them.  One of my favorite necklaces to wear!
Ok, remember how I said you see everything in Canton?!  Wellllll... just sayin'!

Ummm hmmmm... SEEEE?!!?
And then, I was in a tiny dressing room and I see this.... LOOK CLOSELY.
Now I'm wondering if I have a long lost relative who is a fan making mogul who wants to find a family member to leave his fortune to!  Well, in that case, I am for sho your girl! And by little bitty dressing room, I mean barely the width of my forearm.
and the hairbows.  Oh, oh, the hairbows!!
I straight up asked this dude, "Hey, do you mind if I take your picture?"  I mean, actually, I should have said, and was thinking, "I have a blog, and these blog readers, for the most part, have not been to Canton, and would never believe me if I said a grown man was carrying a shihtzu in an infant carrier on his chest through the aisles of Canton.  So, do you mind?"  But as it was, he just turned right around and posed.
That dog clearly has his own turquoise zebra striped carrier.
One day I am going to learn how to do this.  You know, all "Ghost" like!  Oh, Patrick Swayze, you did woo me.
I brought home a Happy Meal for Lizzie and Tarzan!
In fact, I went browsing in this little spot.  And I made SURE I put a few of these chicken feet in their goody bag!
Ride on, JinJin. 
and when I got home, I had an anniversary gift waiting for me.  Todd had gotten me two strands of baroque pearls.  And Ellie siad she got me the M&M's.
Gabs threw in one of her favorite rocks.  ANd daddy KNOWS how I love Modern Family, so I can't wait to watch all these old episodes!!

I started dishing out the surprises for my girls too!
And some things I bought just for the therapy clinic.

And the unloading began!
I'm forever amazed at how little stuff shows up when it seemed that so much money went out!
I bought this cute Halloween bib for my cousin's new baby boy, Sam.
And although it was a very quick trip for me and JinJin, we were back on the road by Friday afternoon!  And Canton was in our rearview mirror!
Until next year...



Zhohn said...

Oh my gosh I really laughed out loud at the dog!! Wait, the man, not the dog!!! Haha I can not believe a guy would walk around carrying his dog in a zebra striped carrier! You really proved that you see everything there!

I want to go to Canton now more than ever!! Going to have to plan me a trip. I need some of those dog happy meals, how cute; i have to see if I can't find some of those.

Can't wait to hear about the time management things you learn tomorrow. Thanks for sharing all that you do with us!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! And...I just had to tell you that each of my kids has their own fan with your name on them. When I turn them on at night I always think of you!

Amy said...

Shaking my head at some of those pictures! :D Thanks for sharing, I wanna go!!!

Where was Stacy?

Amy K said...

Haha! Hilarious. Canton is one place I would love to go someday...bucket list. My husband probably wouldn't love the outcome though (the checkbook outcome!).

snekcip said...

Sensory OVERLOAD!! So much to see!! I couldn't help but think of THE CHRISTMAS STORY when I saw the mannequin legs sticking out of the man's basket. Ha!!!

Wait...not ONE, but TWO dogs spotted in baby carriers!! Too funny!!

I personally started to swoon when you scanned in on the BOWS!!! LOVE ME SOME HAIRBOWS!!!

Thanks for sharing and gotta the TIME MANAGMENT training goes!

PS I can't BELIEVE you didn't try to buy that fan!!!Ha!!

Sharidrew said...

I wouldn't be able to shop because I love to people watch. What a hoot I bet that place is! Seems you guys know where to shop and get lots of awesome stuff!

I can believe the dogs in carriers but not a grown man carrying one. That was laugh out loud funny!

Thanks for sharing all of your adventures.

Hugs from Missouri,

Ronda said...

I was watching something on PBS, and as usual, caught it about halfway through. Right off, I recognized it as Canton. I don't even know what state we're dealing with here, but after all these years of reading your blog, I can recognize it on t.v. :)

Kelly P said...

What is fried pie!? Man that sounds good!! :) Looks like yall had fun!

Riley said...

It looks like Canton was so much fun! I'm just now catching up with your blogging. I understand the tired feeling!!