Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book Fair and Madi's birthday

I am well aware that I have said this before, but really, I don't know if I have ever had a week as busy as this one has been for me.  I MUST do a buttload of required work to make a deadline for the John Maxwell Company on Friday.  I stayed at my office today from 8 AM til 8:45 PM today.  AND had a board of directors meeting through my lunch.  
I guess you can say we are getting into what will be the busiest time of my year..
So, needless to say, there was no time for me to complete my MoZart blog posts AGAIN!  And so, let's head on over to Ellie Sue's first book fair.  She invited her cousin, Madi, to visit her school for this big event.
It also happened to be Madi's birthday, so that made it even better.
I had already bought more books than I really needed to buy through the brochure that came home in her backpack.  BUT, once I heard about the book fair that was hosted in the evening, I agreed we could go to that too.
Maybe I have "sucker" written all over me.
I am cluesless about why it is that some of these pictures are huge and some are normal sized.  And yet again, we left with a wad of new books.
This is Ellie's librarian, Miss Moncrief.  I really like her.  She is friends with JinJin and joins her on her annual birthday beach trip.  It is never a bad thing to have "friends" in your kids school.  They look out for her and take special care of her.
By the way, I think I have mentioned Miss Madi's decision to "trim" her own bangs... as in OFF..  From one ear to the other.  At first, Staci was forcing headbands on her.  But I think she's just decided to just let it be what it is. 
I kept singing, "Achy Breaky Heart" when we were together.  And she would just say, "Shut up!"  hahaha  I think I'd die.  Mom said she cried when she saw the results.  I don't blame her.  Madi's hair has always grown very slowly!   And now, she's back to square one on the front part of her head.
Mom and Staci also got in on the book fair action.
Then Ellie HAD to show her cousin her classroom.
She showed her the mat they sit on to do their letter bags each week.  (Tomorrow is "P" day.  I made her  Pink and Purple Puzzle Pieces of a Paw Print to hand out to her class.  Each one will get a piece and they can put the thing together to reveal their school logo... the paw print.  Oh  AND they'll be getting a Pepperoni Pizza after noon. )  Have I mentioned I secretly love the letter bags?! 
Then she showed her the classes centers and the awesome reading loft.
These are her "popcorn words".  And I cannot believe that my wittle bitty daughter is helping me read the words of a book, as I point to the popcorn words which are also considered sight words, and that she has actually learned.  That's nuts!
After the bok fair, we went to Logan's for Madi's birthday celebration. 
I don't know what Ellie is pouting about here, but this is an all too familiar face around my house!!

Can you see that little girl standing on top of a chair over there in the middle of the restaurant?  That'd be cousin Madi.  ANd the whole place was singing and celebrating her day. 
All in all it was a fun night for the whole group.  Since kindergarten started, I cannot believe how my "free" time has been totally preoccupied with school functions, field trips, and all things school related.  I cannot imagine A) having TWO kids in school  or B) when actual homework begins.  UGH.

Have a good Thursday.  I know I will be slamming some information all day long to get ready for the deadline to be a personal coach on Friday.  But if I wanna do it, I am committing to getting the "pre" work done.  Todd agreed to help me with the girls for a couple of nights as needed.  He's a good man.  And Robin, at the office, is working hard to get me time scheduled specifically for this extra work.  I also have awesome PTAs who are coming and asking me, "What can I do to help you?".  Do you know how great it feels to have people around you who recognize when something is important to you and wants to help you succeed?  I am blessed.



Amy K said...

Happy Birthday to Madi! Both my girls cut their hair when they were younger...one of those heart sinking mom moments.
All the best in meeting your deadline - you're a rock star!

Zhohn said...

Blessed indeed! Awesome family and amazing employees ;)

Loved seeing pics of the girls. I can not believe how fast they're growing! Poor Staci, I would have probably sat there and cried, but it's just a memory...right!? :/

Sandy P said...

I am a sucker fir childrens books. I bet we have over 1000.My oldest is 8 and the youngest is 2. So, we have board books to chapter books.

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday to Madi! AND you take my breath away. I don't know how you get it all done. Go MO!

Lisa said...

Your words for years have inspired and motivated those who "follow" you - you are going to be a superb personal coach! Happy Birthday to Madi!

Mary said...

You can never have too many books! :) so good to "see" stacy! I often think of her family and dear Jake! Good luck with your week. I do leadership development as my full time job-it's a great gig!

Sam said...

Emma is now in the 2nd grade and the homework is killing me! We have no free time whatsoever! I am a sucker for the book fair myself!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Mary, email me! Mojoy@att.net

Robin said...