Sunday, September 30, 2012

Check back later.

In order for me to do my best blog, I need to have my  hands on my powerpoint.  And in order for me to have my hands on my Powerpoint, OR my book, I will have to be at my office in the morning.  So, then, I can give a better synopsis of the information I presented at the retreat, and I now have better photos (thanks to Riley who sent me almost 700 of them!) to support the information.

So, I should have a GREAT blog post by noon on Monday.  Check back then.  Be cool.



Riley said...

I'm glad to hear the package made it! I had to delete some of the original pictures in order to have them all fit on the flash drive. The good part is I only deleted blurry ones. I'm ready to see what you'll have up this afternoon. It should make for some good airport reading. By next weekend, I will be ready to guest blog on a particular daily dozen area if you want me to. Happy Monday!!

Holly said...

Looking forward to it!