Saturday, September 29, 2012

Values. Could you list your top four?!

 Going along with the theme of showcasing a few of our projects at the retreat, let me tell you about this one.
 We started by painting a simple block of wood with our preferred background color.  And then... I started my "schpeel" on VALUES!
 As with each section, I spent about 30 minutes going through the topic of Values, as presented in John Maxwell's book, Make Today Count.  However, I must admit, I was a little confused over the topic of values.  I mean, it seems simple enough, but when I was talking to a few people prior to the retreat (to help me get clarity on the subject), it seemed like they'd always say, "YOu know, like honesty and integrity...")  And YES, I do know that honesty and integrity are two very important values.  But what about creativity?  And joy?  And resourcefulness?  Were those values?!
 One of the persons I was discussing this with was my bro-in-law, Scott.  He's an attorney, and Mr. Internet, so within minutes, he'd researched the subject and linked me to this...

 I loved that site, because it was exactly what I'd been looking for.  Go there and check it out!  I printed the list of almost 400 values and had my girls choose their TOP FOUR!!  WOW.  That's a toughie!
 Once we had our values, I told them how we'd done a similar project at the John Maxwell event and that out of 500 participants, there were no 2 who had the same four words.  Goes to show you that we all put a high "value" on different things, parts of our character, and definitely find an emphasis on the particular words we choose.  Go do that... check out the above link and see what your top four words are.  In fact, let me know what yours are!  I am just curious!
 I chose PASSIONATE, INSPIRING, JOY, CREATIVITY, DRIVE, and FAMILY.  Funny, because at John Maxwell, I chose GENEROUS.  But at this retreat, the above words were what struck me the most.  And yes, I know I have more than I should.  If I had to drop two, I'd drop DRIVE because I think my PASSION drives me.  And I'd drop JOY, because I think INSPIRING may also kind of overlap with that too.  I also really love ENTHUSIASM or CHARISMA.  But there wasn't enough room for all those words ! AND that wasn't the assignment.  ONLY four!
 These words should be the representation of the core of your being.  The thing you'd live for or die for.  What do you want to instill in your children?!  Maybe that'll help you choose.
 So, after we had our four words and our backgrounds painted, we started adding the words.
 This project was intended to be a key holder.  We eventually added hooks to the bottom. 
 Since this was a very flexible retreat in general, some of us decided to use this more for a jewelry hook than keys.  Either way, it's a good idea to have it hanging somewhere of prominence that can be seen when you are getting ready in the morning.  That's because your value system is something that should govern your life throughout the day. It shouldn't waver.  And the decisions you are faced with each day will be easier if you make your decision based on your value system!
 I gave several examples of this to the group.  I certainly make decisions differently than even Todd would at work.  There are people he values highly because they share his values, i.e. work ethic, dependability, responsibility (he didn't list these, nor did he check out the list, I am just giving some guesses here!!).  Whereas, these same employees may not be very acommodating nor have a joyful spirit.  I definitely highly value a positive attitude!  I would prefer a good attitude over responsibility.  Don't get me wrong, we all know that I expect people to show up at work and to do their best, but if you don't have  joyful attitude, feel that service to each other, the patients, and all co-workers is important, then we will probably not be settling conflicts or making decisions on resolution the same way. And you will likely be disagreeing with me.
 This study on values was very eye-opening to me.  I now see how many people over the years have been really aggravated by how I lead my team.  There are things that I overlook because I place different values on different characteristics than they.   That's ok.  WHen they get their own clinic, they can run it the way they want.  Until then, I expect to see DRIVE, a value on FAMILIES, PASSION, service with JOY, be INSPIRING to the patients and each other, and of course, I love that person who can get their CREATIVE juices flowing when it comes to treatment, problem solving, or even just decorating the clinic.
 And now I feel like I know a little more about these gals too!  I think I'll have my staff at  MMPT take this challenge  too.
 Knowing people's values system tells you a lot about them.  For instance, Courtney here below, is soon to be engaged.  Lucky man!  She values loyalty and love.  VERY good values for a marriage!
 Lisa really, really valued the LSU game, by the way.  We had to watch it during the painting of this project!

 I'll be showing the finished results of each project soon.  Until then, I am trying to break down the basic information from some of the sessions we had for personal growth.  Hope you find out something about yourself and your own values today.  Oh... and this chick... will he guest blogging soon.  Hey, Jennifer, tell me when, and I'll get you the hook up.  Text me!
Happy Sunday, peeps.



Brooklyn said...

Cleanliness (lame, I know)

Brooklyn said...

Okay, I can't just leave it at four!!! I need to add passion, purity, and family too!!

Linda said...

Hey Mo!
Frequent reader but not such a great commenter (sorry!!) here. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the thoughts behind the retreat projects and Maxwell learning you have done. I'm a full time orthopedic RN while also attending NP school full time so not alot of time right now to dive into a learning prgogram, but I can definitely think about the ideas you are sharing. The perspective you offered about those in a clinical setting is so interesting--our current clinical team (one surgeon, 2 nurses, one MA) is thriving as we each seem to bring different values to the equation--it just works to make us a better team! I can't wait to mention it to them when we have a down moment, as we often say we are a "necessary unit"--meaning that together we make a quality whole! Thanks for taking the time to articulate these ideas for those who can't retreat just now! Hopefully maybe I can someday! :)
Keep up the great work!

Amy K said...

Thanks for sharing the value site Mo. I'm going to work my way through it, and I'm guessing my 2013 OLW is going to pop out at me somewhere along the way!

Anonymous said...

Just 4!? That's tough. I was able to. Arrow the 400 down to 17, and of those 17 I would go with the following.


I am really enjoying the MoZart blog posts. Thank you for sharing with all of us!