Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our finished artwork

 Soooo, here you have it.
 The girls' ages spanned from 9 to 2 years old.
 My little Gabbi's owl never had his eyes added on.  But, as I said before... she did it entirely alone! 
 And about half way through the project, she decided she wanted to have an apple, and she abandoned the project. But oh well.  I love it just like it is. 

 and this is Ellie's.  She's been through about 4-5 owl classes with me, so she has this project down pat!!  She needs NO supervision to complete this particular subject matter totally on her own!
 She plows right ahead with her owl, and does NOT wait for instruction!  But, I don't intervene.  And I want you to see a few close ups of Miss Thang's canvas.  Check out these crazy eyes.
 and there's a swipe down the left wing, which could have driven me crazy... but it didn't.
 She drew some really strange little leaves.  Actually, we shouldn't call them "strange", rather "unique" or "interesting" are better adjectives!!
So, I am glad I let her do her thang!
As I was for all the little girls at Camp Darby.



Zhohn said...

They're all adorable!

MaryH said...

I am loving all of these owls - eyes or no eyes and Ellie's is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.