Wednesday, August 22, 2012

John Maxwell event

 OOOoohweee.  I just had such an inspiring day!  I was able to share a few little nuggets with my own co-workers today.  I really, really focused on being positive.  I had some crazy news, which would normally totally bum me out and to be totally honest, would tick me off totally.  Rather, I just refused to let it change my mood.  What a difference in my day. 
 I was able to point out to a few of my staff members how they were letting others dictate their feelings and I could see the lightbulb go off.  I felt a lot of negativity switch over to positivity just by my refusing to listen to it and rather, being very intentional about my need to keep it positive.
 John Wooden says, "Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out."  I love that.  It's all in our hands. 

I am also reading a little book right now by John Maxwell, called Make Today Count.  The general premise of it is that our lives are simply made up by lots of days.  I mean, Duh!  But really, day after day, what is it that is preoccupying our hours from early in the morning until we go to bed.
 In this book, John says, "If I could come to your house and spend just one day with you, I would be able to tell whether or not you will be successful". 
 He says he could watch your daily agenda and make a gross estimation of how your entire life is and will be.  That was pretty amazing.  Life is all about how we spend our minutes.  So, I have started intentionally trying to go to bed a little bit earlier, getting up a little earlier, and I will be scheduling in time for learning, writing, and reflection every day!
 I also started exercising yesterday.  Not a ton, but doing something every day.  I wouldn't want John to come into my house and see a person not living to her potential.  And so, I started!  There are a few areas in which I am still "aspiring", but I will be getting to those very soon.
 And this dude, I think his name is Mike Graham.  He is the George W Bush impersonator who always appears on the late night shows.  He was one of the 500 participants in the John Maxwell live certification event this past weekend.
 He looks So much like the pres.  And has obviously studied his mannerisms, and had them down to an art.
 He was so gracious to all the John Maxwell Team members.  Posing for about a million pics, signing all the books, and even giving us a $300 or so Bushgram.  That is where he records a message to whoever, and makes it customized.  Yep.  I got one!
 And then came Sunday morning.  An actual Bibllical teaching by John C. Maxwell.  That should have been on my bucket list!!  It was so awesome!!  I will spend time in an upcoming post to tell you about that speech.
 Omg.  Did I mention there was a Starbucks in the hotel lobby?!  This was actually the only one I had over the enitre weekend, but daaaang, it was good!
 This is Alex.  He is from Australia.  He was so cool.  He has been a coach for years.  He also has several other businesses.  But the coolest thing is that he took some time to "coach" me.  Coaching is just a way to work through a difficult decision/ situation that actually has its answer within me.  But I cannot find that answer without a little soul searching.  A good coach LISTENS and helps his client find the right answer that is only in him, intuitively.
 Stacey, in the dress, was also sitting at my table.  She is an optometrist in Pensacola, FL. and like me, she has a 3 year old adopted son, and is 43 years old.  We had that in common bigtime!
 Dewayne was a super nice guy and from Missouri.  He now has a goal of stopping working in a "normal" industry.  He has a goal to start his speaking, coaching, and training career.  I wish him all the best.
 And with that, I am an actual John Maxwell certified Coach!  Sa-weeeeet!!
You tired of all my new, exciting information?!  There's probably more to come.  Although, tomorrow, I think I will HAVE to post first day of kindergarten pics!!  That's another story entirely!



Lori said...

Mel, I am so excited you got to do this. I love 'coaching' and was trained to do it in my old job. I worked with executives. It is amazing to coach and be coached. Back in the day, I did tons of Covey stuff and was reading some John Maxwell...didn't know we had that in common. Can't wait to see where this goes!! I know you will make it big! Congrats! Lori

Zhohn said...

Go Mo! You're inspiring me from your posts! Can't wait to hear about things over the next few months.

Excited to read all about Ellie's first day!! ;)

SK said...

Congratulations on your certification and on starting to work out!

Riley said...

I think I would have loved going to this event. Much like you, I started a desire to learn about leadership sometime in middle school. Being positive and turning plans into actions has made 2012 a great year for me. I am excited to hear TONS more about your weekend! I am also interested in being a guinea pig on your coaching.

Emily said...

I LOVE the John Wooden quote! I too have been making an effort for a week or two now to go to bed around 9-about 2 hours earlier than normal and my mornings are COMPLETELY different because of it! It's amazing how the little things can make such a BIG difference! Can't wait to hear more about the event-would have LOVED to have been there! If you are having any kind of group sharing/presentation to share your new knowledge, PLEASE let me know!

Brooklyn said...

If you could suggest only one of his books, which one would you pick?

Brooklyn said...
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