Thursday, August 23, 2012

Retreat info!

 Ok, you'll be happy to know that this is the last of the photos from my John Maxwell event. 
 The above pic is from the hallway where we congregated on breaks and ate a big, fat buffet together. 
 This is the whole John Maxwell team.  The ones who made this unreal event possible.  And one of the very coolest things they did is this...
 they invited the entire Marriott staff, from the janitors to the front desk to the managers, and totally let them enjoy the spotlight as the audience, who they had been serving the entire weekend, gave them a standing ovation.  That is one of the things I love about the John Maxwell approach.  They WALK the WALK!
 This is Alex and Christopher, a couple of guys who coached me through a couple of problems I am having at MMPT.  Yes, we have them from time to time.  Mainly, I have them.  I have to make many tough decisions on a weekly basis.  And they affect many other lives, so I take them all extremely seriously.  I LOVED being coached and hope to find one permanently.  It's just awesome to get someone to help you figure your own battles out on your own.  The answer was there all along.  It just took someone else to help you search your soul to find the answer.  I'll tell you, and this is weird... but I haven't dreamed in years.  I just don't dream.  As in dream while I am asleep. ( Dream, as in aspire, yea... daily!)
 Anyway, I find it very interesting that ever since I had to do so much deep thinking and soul searching through the questions and facilitation of my coaches, I think I awakened the intuitive side of my brain!  I have been dreaming every night since the weekend.  And I mean, I cannot remember the last time I had one prior to this.  (YEARS!!)
 I had two very interesting things happen today too.  And I really believe they were both God winks.  As a particular coach I met pointed out, it is synchronicity. It is when the universe is showing you the way.  Throwing subtle clues at you, and seeing if you can be aware enough to catch them. 
 First, and don't think I was looking for this one bit.  I feel like I could be a coach, but have a little doubt yet.  I had a parent at my office today who was having a really, really bad day.  She was coming to terms with her son's severe and permanent disabilities.  She was crying and wanted to talk to me.  She asked for my "wisdom" in this situation, but I just practiced my coaching and let her think for herself, as I asked her introspective questions.  I realized at the end of it that I had just experienced my first coaching opportunity.  And I really enjoyed it.  I like seeing people have a realization and an epiphany, ultimately solving their own problems.
 These are other folks who were sitting at my table of 10 all week.  Shout out to table 32!  (Look at my cute bag on the back of my chair in the above photo.  I LOVE that bag.  Just sayin')
 Godwink number two:  I have developed a pretty good idea of how I think I'd like to make several of my favorite things like up together.  I love my art retreats, I love people, and I love personal growth and leadership.  Soooo, I was thinking how fun it'd be to marry all of these things. I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to use my platform as the importance of creativity in the corporate world.  I've been collecting ideas to support this subject on Pinterest.  I've been learning about the right and left brain and how they are both vital in business and leadership.  But I still didn't know a single person who may have done something like this, and I wish I had someone to at least research and model. 

Voila... this afternoon after work, one of the OT's from my office sent me a text with a video that said, "This reminded me of you.  She quoted his final statement on the video, "We don't grow into creativity.  We grow out of it."  I loved that quote.  I watched the video, and was shocked to see that there was someone out there talking about exactly what I'd like to present.  However, he did not do the supporting art projects that I think would really set my presentations apart.   Again, an affirmation that God may have been on my side when I was feeling the prod to attend this John Maxwell event.
Before I left town, the PTA I work the closest with, Jessica, made me an envelope with little inspiring notes to be opened each day that I was gone.  How sweet was that?!  That's the kind of folks I work with.  John said he was asked once, "How do you motivate your people?"  He said, "I don't.  I hire motivated people!".  I have a great staff, but I will certainly be hiring in this manner in the future. 
 These people will have a permanent footprint on my heart!
 And on the way home, I had another idea.  I should contact Riley!  I think it's time!!  Time for a retreat.  Let me look back at her text where I asked her to just give me a date and I'd do the retreat.  I love to give them,but I knew that I'd need the prod to actually set the date and get it done.  And so....
 without further ado... (Yes, THIS was waiting for me at the airport when I returned!!)...

It's going to be a really inspiring weekend.  I can provide more details to anyone interested.  Either contact me on my facebook page (inbox me at Melanie Massey) or email me at

I have a few names, but let me know if you are really sure, and I'll get you the deets.  We are adding an extra day this time and lots more scheduled discussion and growth opportunities. I have Kaye, Sandy and mom and sister, Julia, Jennifer and friend, Riley and mom and friend, Rebecca, Anne, Karie, and Courtney as the potential particpants thus far.  Please email me girls, for details so we can confirm and get the headcount.  And to let the world know how many available spots there actually are.  

Excited to be merging several of my passions with some new friends. 



Riley said...

I've already fb messaged you, but I'll share my joy again here on the blog. I am SUPERDUPER excited for this retreat!! Yippee.

Becky said...

We could use some coaching in our dept at work... there is so much negativity, so many back-stabbing people, bad attitudes, etc... Wanna come to Minnesota and coach us for Team Days???

jenny said...

Okay - I loved your entire post and hate to sound shallow, but could you please show us that CUTE bag (that was hanging on the back of your chair) in a little more detail?
AND... I think you will make an awesome CoachArtistah!

Mbeaty19 said...

Wow loved reading this and seeing the effects this conference has had on you. I have felt through what I have read and seen through the last few years what a true leader you are. You have been coaching people for so long and I don't think you realize it. The impact that you make on so many lives and the deeper impact you will continue to make having attended this event is amazing. So happy you are going to be able to combine your passions into what seems a truly wonderful result. So wish I could make this upcoming retreat. With all that has been happening in my life I really feel I'd benefit from this retreat especially. Someday I truly hope it will work out.

The Shoemake Family said...

ugh that is women of faith conference..... no no no :( I am going to come to your retreat one time come hell or high water....

Unknown said...

I am in!!!! Can't wait and like others, I would love to incorporate art and positivity more into life! Let me know when it is safe to make plane reservations. Do I fly into Monroe?. Anne F-O from Colo

Kimmy said...

I just don't know how all of her mama's are going to fit in that room when it's time for class parties. You know we ALL have to come support our girl!!!