Friday, July 13, 2012

Girls grinning at the beach

 Poor ol Mama is still SICK in the bed today!!   I got out of bed around 3:00 pm today, but can't stay up for very long.  I DO have a party to plan though! 
 There are photo backgrounds to hang, a big huge number 5 that must be in place, the backyard has to be ready to accept the jumper and slide, and I have to predip and sprinkle the ice cream balls.  So, no rest for the weary!
 These pics were from our beach trip.  It was the day the girls were going to the "water park" at the outlet mall!  More pics I found on my cellphone.
 Anyway, can I just say that KK and Courtney were my heroes today.  KK took the grls to a movie (Ellie chose the Katy Perry movie... go figure!), and after Chuck E. Cheese and shopping with JinJin yesterday and out with the Fords and Hines last night for mexican food, I'd say Ellie is doing pretty great for her 5th birthday weekend.  Courtney hung here with me, totally cleaning my house getting it ready for tomorrow's guests. Of course, she was paid to do so, but she did it thoroughly and to my liking.  That's a tough chore.
 And I just laid here resting, trying to make sure I'd be ready for tomorrow.  And mainly, be ready for work on Monday!
Hope you all have a great weekend. 



Zhohn said...

Hope you feel better!!! Sounds like Ellie has been having a blast celebrating her birthday! Good luck with the party tomorrow.

Thankful for KK and Courtney, helping a sick mama out!

connie said...
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Riley said...

Oh man Mo. I do hope all the meds and rest have worked their magic to make you start feeling better. I can't wait to see everything you have in store for Ellie's party!

Amy K said...

It's definitely harder for us mamas to be sick in bed than going through the crazy days of life, especially when there's something as special as a 5th birthday party to get ready for.
I do hope you're feeling better today, and get to enjoy the day!

Cherry said...

Take it easy...dont wanna relapse...Did Aunt Jinnie tell you we ran into her, Staci, and Maddi Friday at the Beehive...Cant wait to see yall in ready...This year I will have a little one to buy LOOK OUT CANTON! Take care and hope Ellie has a great party...

Renee said...

Sorry you were sick. Hopefully you are back to your ole self by now.