Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ellie's fifth birthday party

Just a glimpse to let you know that the party did indeed come and go and I survived.  I have such good friends and a very helpful mama who made sure the whole thing went off without a hitch.
 First, Kelly and Patti made sure our birthday cake was ready and perfect.  Plain?  I think I hear you out there... this is very different than the kind we usually get.  But, I asked Jessi to make the cute banner that was atop it, as well as make these cute Rice Krispie paintbrushes I'd seen on Pinterest.  The real surprise was the INSIDE of the cake, so I wanted the outside to be kinda boring.  The surprise was to come later.
 KK helped me get these cups ready with dried food coloring yesterday.  As the girls came in asking for their drinks, I'd fill with ice and Sprite, and everyone was surprised by the color that their drinks would suddenly become.  Cute, easy idea.  And perfect for a tiedye party.
 KK went to Breanna's yesterday and picked up all these fans and pom balls to make a cute, colorful backdrop for party pics. 
And Emery, at my office, took on the making of the big number 5 for this year's par-tay.  As you can see, a party was made by the generosity of friends.  I just made calls from my sick bed, and my good friends pulled it off for me.  More on the party and my great group of friends and family tomorrow.  For tonight, I must sleep! 

A successful day for my big girl.



Amy K said...

You never cease to amaze me in the party department. Everything is awesome. I bet she just loved it!

Mama J said...

Eagerly awiting....hope you are feeling better.

Mama J said...

Yep, it is early...I guess you could say I am 'awiting' rather than 'awaiting'. LOL

Zhohn said...

Oh I can't wait for more!
You are indeed blessed with wonderful family and friends. Hope you're feeling better now.

connie said...

iam so glad your family and friends helped you pull off the party for elli and all you did was lay in the bed on the phone talking to them and telling them what all you wanted. your birthday party for elli looked like it was a sucess. the pictures that you posted was very good im sure elli had a wonderful time at her birthday party. and see you can do a party from your bed.. you got to get well its going to take you a little while longer to get well im sure you stil feel like crap but your on the road to getting better just rest and drink plenty of fluids and take them meds.. i hope you got a good nights sleep last night. just stay in the bed today i know its hard with 2 little girls but you know you have family and freinds that will take good care of them while you recover from phemounia. its rough i know i have had it and i can say its not any fun at all.. praying for you mo.. sending lots of prayers and love and hugs your way

Amy said...

Can't wait to see that surprise inside the cake, i'm guessing it's tie-dyed or rainbow cake. The pictures look great, can't wait to see the rest.

Hope your feeling better!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Sorry Melanie about the above comment, not sure how my name got changed to anonymous when I was signed in.

That was me up above, I bought one of your christmas paintings that I love!!!!

Nana said...

What's the secret for making the "paint brushes"..

Hope you are feeling much better. Try to squeeze out some time to take care of yourself!


Renee said...

Love the drink idea. Decos are too cute