Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ellie's party... more of it

Well, this party was pretty much totally designed by Ellie.  She wanted a water slide.  And so... water slide!
And then, she said she wanted a jumper thing.... and so... we obliged.
Our backyard looked like Disney World.  And pretty soon after their arrival, the neighbors started wandering on up!

The kids were told to wear a bathing suit and bring a white tee shirt.  Ellie has been saying she wanted a tie dye party for a long time. And she was very clear that she wanted a water slide and jumper.
Gabbi totally loved the slide too.  As you know she is a water bug, so she never let up.... she'd slide down, climb up, slide down, climb up, slide down, climb up...... until it was time to go up for the cake and ice cream.
There she goes... see?
Inside, I was gettng the drinks ready for hte party.  The big girls, by now, had caught on that teh food coloring was dried in the bottom of the cups, and they were wanting to choose their colors before I "assigned" them their cups.  You know.... a very big deal to get the color drink that you actually want.
And by "big girls", of course I am including this one too!
Can you believe this girl s 5?  Time has sped by.  And the reason, I think, we all say our kids' young lives just speed by or that we "just blink" and their gone, is because the young years really are SO MUCH FUN!  I cant' imagine living these days all over again.  I mean, I like every single one of them, but once is enough. I just keep looking forward to the next one! 
This is Kaitlyn, Jessi's kid, with her good friend, Bailey.
And this is Ellie and Madi and all the big girls.
The present drop off.

And looky, looky... it's Sarah, our old neighbor.  We still do really love to have her over to hang with us.  I miss her mama, Nicole, too.  She and I would gab just about daily about everyone and everything.  Ha.  And I mss that.

I really wish I could figure out how to better lay out these crazy blog posts.  But, until then, each one will be like a Forrest Gump Chocolate... you never know what youre gonna get. 



Zhohn said...

Whoa, I didn't realize how big the 5 was until the last picture. Everything is adorable, including the kids! Kaitlyn and Sarah have grown! The party looked colorful and FUN, just like Ellie's personality. ;)

Now, where's the cake!?

Riley said...

Such a great party Mo! I would have loved to have a tie dye party when I turned 5.

Amy K said...

Great pics. It looks like you had a beautiful day for it too!

MaryH said...

Looks awesome and what a fun time for Ellie. Love the colored drinks and the decorations are wonderful - you really rock a party, Mo. Interested to see what the inside of the cake looks like. Hope you are feeling stronger every day.

snekcip said...

Awwww looks like it was a blast!! Happy Belated birthday Ellie and Mo..hope you are feeling much better!! Still here...just been outta-pocket!!!

Renee said...

What a cool party!