Monday, June 25, 2012

Swimming at Emma Lou's

Well, it is officially summer!!  That means lots and lots of swimming!! 

Even Lizzie wants to hang out around the pool!
These two are like fish.  Especially Gabbi.  She will be wrinkled when she gets out.  Ellie has to space her time between the pool and the trampoline.  And SOMEONE in this picture has a birthday in less than 3 weeks.  And I think she deserves a trampoline!!  Not a pool though... yet!
Lydia, Robin's daughter came to spend the night with us.  Ellie does LOVE her a big girl.
Emma has taught Ellie to jump off the diving board.  But, I INSIST on a ring or floaties until we are a stronger swimmer.
This is what I did!!
Dee, Paula's mom, was my second mama in junior high.  We seemed to alternate... Paula's house, my house, Paula's house, my house....
and as of last week, she has returned to West Monroe after being gone for 22 years.  Now, retired.  And home!

I think I've shown you Beaux before... has to be the world's fattest dog.  Well, Beaux is on his last leg.  His health is really failing and the Fords are taking it day by day, but the day they have to say goodbye might be drawing near.  She seems to be in pain with her legs.  Poor ol' gently Beaux!
Belle is Clayton's dog and will be the replacement dog in the family, I assume.  But there is NOTHING GENTLE about Belle!! 
Enjoying summer!!  I'm sure we'll be back in that same pool today, with the girls begging from the minute I walk in the door from work today.  And I imagine I'll oblige!

Have a happy Monday, y'all!!


Renee said...

Beaux is beautiful. I know how easy it is to love those fur babies. Looks like ya'l are enjoying your summer.

susanne said...

It's nice to see Paula's Mom again. She hasn't changed much. She taught me in elementary school and was always one of my favorite teachers. Glad to know she is doing well and is back in the area.

Zhohn said...

How nice to 'meet' Paula's mom! Poor Beaux... ;( he and Earl will have many pain free days together.

Oh yes, Ellie deserves a trampoline! You know, to show off her tricks! ;)