Thursday, June 28, 2012


Man, around these parts, getting snowcones is a pretty big deal!
 I mean, it is typically over 100 degrees on a daily basis, and not one single ounce of a breeze!
 So, as it is, the first thing out of these two girls' mouths when I get home from work is "Can we go get a snowcone?"  (Actually sometimes that's Ellie's SECOND thing... right after, "Can I go over to Emma Lou's house?")
 Good ol Gabbi Lou is just squealing cause MAMA's HOME!!
 But lucky for us, there  is a snowcone stand right up the road from us.  And they know us well!
 Gabbi usually wants anything she's heard the big girls say is "cool".  For instance, "Tiger's blood".  And if she's going normal.... she wants anything BLUE.
 Gabbi Girl is kind of on a rainbow kick! 
 Me?  Oh YES!  I am always going to partake!  I am a grape and strawberry mixed kind of girl. That's been my flavor since I was a kid.  But now that I am an adult, I add cream!  WHOA!!

What's your flavor?!  I might have to try it! 


Zhohn said...

Yes, it's HOT!!! Spearmint is by far my favorite but it depends on if I will be in public after because you have a GREEN mouth! If I want to steer clear of color coconut is my choice and I also like bubblegum flavor ;)
NO CREAM! Ewwww but it is popular around here, cream on any flavor!

Christy said...

Plain ol grape is my fave!! zohn, spearmmint?! I've never even seen that as a snow cone choice? seems more like a mouth wash to
guess, any snow cone is good, though?

Riley said...

I LOVE snocones especially in this heat. My favorite is half margarita half strawberry.

Shannon said...

I love some of the "out there" flavors, but if I'm sharing with my son we always pick bubblegum!! :)

Kris said...

I am thinking rainbow - or maybe it is all that cuteness around it.

Rhonda said...

Wedding cake!!!!!

Becky said...

snow cones are not my thing! I think it's interesting that Ellie always has on shoes (she's so fashion minded) and Gabbi - seems to always be barefoot - carefree little one. You are truly blessed beyond measure. Becky

Zhohn said...

Oh it is so good! It's an 'original' around here! You should try it ;)

Renee said...

I like strawberry best. Ice cream flavor runs a close 2nd.

Robin said...

I tried a pickle juice snow one once and LOVED it!! Haven't been able to find one like it since! But I do believe it really is my favorite!!