Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Always learning.

This past weekend, Jessica and I went to Houston, TX to take part in a continuing Education course.   
 It was entitled something to do with "handling infants with neuromotor difficulties"  and "problem solving and treatment"  ya da ya da ya.
 Nothing like being 42 and pairing up with other PTs from across the country to pretend you are an 18 month old child with cerebral palsy.
 Our instructor, Linda, has been a PT for about 30 years.  I am right behind her at 19 years!! 
 Linda was from WIsconsin, so right from the get go we had that common thread we could discuss. She also used my baby doll to do several of the techniques, so we shared that too!  ha.
 Here, Linda is demonstrating on Jessica, a PTA at my office, and one of the people who I work the most closely with during my work week.  The girl in the navy sweat is a therapist at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.  It is always fun to meet people from all over and share stories about "our kids" as well as things that are working in our treatments.
 And this girl is from West Virginia.  Kinda crazy to have all these pediatric therapists in one room, collaborating and passionately sharing knowledge.
 THis crazy baby doll was the source of much grief.  We were told to bring one; preferably a baby with articulating joints.  This particular baby doll had elbows, knees, wrists, etc.  That makes it nice for the teacher to show us more realistic handling.  Well, Jessica and I must have been the only compliant PTs in the group, cause we HAD our babies!!  Most of the others did not!
 That meant that as we checked into the hotel, we toted in our babies as if we couldn't sleep without them.  WEIRDOs!!  And then, when we walked to the course, down the streets of Houston, carrying our babies again!
 Only to find out they weren't really necessary!
 This is how we teach a kid to elongate their hamstrings when their tendency is to crouch or bend their knees in standing.  Just a little FYI!   And this girl was from NORTH IDAHO.  NORTH IDAHO??  WHO would live there?! That justs sounds like plain ol COLD to me!!
 and this is a friend I met from Texas Children's, but who was originally from Alabama.
 And YES, she "went there" on the national championship thing.  UNcool.
It was really fun to learn all that we did, but even more to feel very validated that we are so ON TRACK with what the "big wigs" are doing on the national level with regards to treamtent of kids and adults with neuromuscular disorders.  I LOVE what I do... have I mentioned that?!!



Amy K said...

Kudos to MMPT!

Zhohn said...

I can tell you love what you do! And you're amazing at it...changing lives!

Bj said...

Mo, I'm sure you patients know how blessed they are to have you and yours as their PT's.....YOU ROCK!! Huggers, BJ

Holly said...

You were right in my neck of the woods!!! I know you were very busy, so I guess it's okay you didn't let me know :(

Just teasing you, looks like you had a great weekend. My son just had a serious finger break requiring surgery and pt for a year (mostly at home). I wish he could go to one of your clinics! I know not only would he get world-class care but he would have fun through the pain!

Susantwilhelm said...

So sorry you were in my hometown and I missed you! I actually live blocks from the Med Center! Maybe next time!

Nora said...

Looks like a great time! I am thankful for a PT with a heart for all of her kids! Can't wait to see the new ideas!

jenny said...

Hey Mo, I'm behind reading your blog 'cause we've been on vacation and didn't have internet. Anyway, we just got back to North Central Idaho today from the Oregon Coast and it was 102 degrees here when we rolled into town!
My mom and sister are in north Mississippi and even in the winter, we are usually only about 10-15 degrees colder than us. SO... since you always like learning, I just thought I'd share that little tidbit! God bless.