Saturday, June 16, 2012

My two favorite daddies.

Today I am giving a shout out to my two favorite daddies!!
 First, and always the first daddy in MY mind is MY dad, Larry.  These pics were taken last weekend at a wedding we all went to together.  My daddy loves my baby girls, just like he's always loved me!
 He is the one who gave me my free spirited side.  I feel like because of him, I have a zest for life and definitely appreciate, and always have, people of all different abilities.  Similarly, he taught me to be keenly aware of and recognize the many, many blessings in my life.  I am aware that, as life goes, you get out what you put in.  And there is always something for which to be grateful! That's a lesson my dad taught me.
 He also always encouraged me to be me, be independent, and to GO FOR IT, and for that I am forever grateful!  Thanks, Daddy!  And now, I will work to teach all these same lessons to my girls!
 The other most awesome daddy is this one.... Todd the Bod!
 He and I are actually quite different, but we compliment each other nicely! And for sure, we share our parenting responsibilities well.  This was our attempt at taking family portraits this year.
 We had one who needed a nap, badly.  And we had another child who was high on chocolate or something of the sort!!  But, this shows how our daddy just rolls with the punches.  First off, he does NOT like to take pictures.  But, there he was... out there on the boardwalk,in a peach shirt, because, "It matched the girls' dresses!!".  Now, THAT's a good daddy!!
 Todd and I are at a very different place in our lives, in that we are approaching our mid forties, and we have one starting kindergarten this year and another one still in pre K.  It's been fun having such a good marriage partner to enjoy this very different role at a unique time in our lives. And as I hope you can tell, we are having a ball!!
 Todd has been a businessman, a superior golfer,and  a wonderful husband, but I think the role he plays best is that of DADDY!!
I love you, Daddy and Todd.  What great men I have in my life!!



Amy K said...

Enjoy the day celebrating the Daddies in yours and your girls' lives!

Zhohn said...

Awww, I'm a little teary eyed! What a wonderful post about both Daddies in your life.

I LOVE that you and Todd are having such a wonderful time raising those two girls, y'all deserve it!!


Mary said...

In the picture of the four of you I can't help but look and see how much the girls look like you and Todd. I mean obviously I know they are adopted, but, they do have some features of both of you! I think that's sooooo cool! They are both so beautiful! I can see how happy you and Todd are being parents. The adoptive parents were lucky to pick you.....they won the jack pot of love for their children :)

Bj said...

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY are indeed an awesome daddy and it shows in all you do! Mo and your girlies are blessed to have you in their lives! Love the post Mo...brought tears to my eyes too! Huggers, BJ

Renee said...

Happy father's day TTB

Mary said...

So sweet!!!