Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hammin it up with TG and MA

Remember sweet little Mary Allison.  The one who wears cute beach hats and pearl earrings?
And takes her ipad on the beach to calmly read and act appropriately in her assigned spot in the Circle of Love?!

And remember me?  The sweet little mama of two.  Physical therapist.  Business woman, entrepeneur.  and very, very mature?!
Wellllllll.....  hold on for a rocky ride.... It's gonna get shocking up in here.
We decided to have a little posing session when Linda Lou tried to get us all to pose at the water's edge.
Oh no she din't think we'd actually act right.  DID SHE?!
So, from Mary Allison's copping a feel to her posing upside down in my arms.... oh, and there's Paula, a full rear view.  (She's gonna LOVE me for that!  But, hey, I don't discriminate.  I put these AWFUL pics of myself on here too!!)
And mine and Todd's steamy hot love scene.
We finally started lining up like "big kids" and smiling for the camera. But, ONLY when Linda Lou, herself, came out to manage the situation.
But the dadgum wind was about to KILL me.  And I was so tangled up in my hair, I felt like Sasquatch!
Yep.  I'd say we had a very colorful time on the beaches of Alabama.
And it's no coincidence that I posted this one on a Thursday afternoon!!!
Nope.  Tomorrow is Friday, so hang on... only one more day, working peeps.
And we are all gonna have a GREAT weekend!!


Zhohn said...

Y'all are so silly! Kids and adults alike will have great memories. You and Todd look like newlyweds in a couple pics ;)

Keep the pics/stories coming!

Riley said...

These pics made me think of your version of a Baywatch seen!

Mama J said...

Put the steroids away! wahahahaha

Sharidrew said...

I was surprised to see Todd hamming it up for the camera. Not that I don't think he can be a ham! I figure he would have to be as much fun as you are!! But I didn't think he liked the camera all that much. Maybe he had sampled enough "cans" to relax enough! Either way, funny funny stuff! I sure love ya'll!!

Hugs from Missouri,

Renee said...

Ya'll are so bad but I bet tons of fun!