Saturday, June 16, 2012

Group Dinner at Doc's

Wondering if we are just gonna stay in and eat bananas?!  Well, Gabbi would, that's for sure... unless there was an option for "peanut butter on a spoon", then, of course, that would be her pick!
On the other end of the spectrum, we have this lunatic.  She would skip eating altogether if it meant she could hang out with big girls!!
And on this night, she got her wish.  We went to dinner with the whole crew.  Tables for 35!
Here, please observe the matching Justice shirts on Aimee, Emma Lou, and Ellie Sue.  She wore that sucker for three straight days.  The big girls went to the outlet mall, and Mary Allison bought Ellie a matching Justice shirt, cause she KNEW she'd LOVE it.  And she guessed right!!
Ellie is a size 3-4.  Justice's smallest size is a 6.  But nevermind that tiny detail!!  We can just wear it as a dress!
And ol Gabs is just oblivious to the whole matchy matchy thing.  Thank the Lord.  She is just happy to be there with her banana!
Look at all that beach hair and sunkissed skin!!  Oh.  And Ellie's double wrapped handmade necklace, by some super artist named MO!
Oooohhh, to be back at the beach!
This is one of those places that we just have to go to when we are at the beach.  It's called Doc's.  And I get the royal reds shrimp.  Heard of them?  They are the bomb!!  They are huge, so there's lots of meat once they've been peeled, and they are sweet, like lobster tail.  And they come with a big ol tub of butter.  OMG...
Gabbi loves her Johnnye!!
And Aimee and Emma Lou love their Mr. Tom. 
And ALLLLLL the little dancers love Miss Linda Lou.
Here, Gabs piled up in Sarah's lap.  Sarah will be competing in Miss Louisiana next weekend.  And there's Austin, (Dee, I liked the "fly in the milk" analogy) Cain.  He is quite and hardly even talks. 
Unlike that big mouth in the purple!!  Clayton had a follow up doctor appointment with Dr. Andrews when we were down here, so I went with him to his ortho appt.  It was very enlightening and we saw numerous NFL stars in there at the same time getting their post op rehab programs and check ups with the doc himself.  We joked that Clayton travels with his very own physical therapist.
This is Johnnye's older brother, Lil Joe and his girlfriend, Renee.  And a friend of hers. 
And poor ol Samuel was wiped out form his time on the beach.  Actually, he wsa just being ignorant!!  He was wide awake.  Maybe he was checking out the ninny pillows!??
Poor ol Joe was about to pass out himself.  Maybe a few too many Miller Lites?!  Or maybe sun poisoning?  or maybe ....nope.  Definitely the Miller Lites.
That's why we have responsible mature people , like myself, along to drive everyone home!!

Told ya she loved him!!
But on this trip, she REALLY, REALLY , REALLY loved these two.  Derrick and Michael were a couple of her favorites.  They were so sweet to her and playful with all the girls on the beach.
Michael is Tom and Katie's son.  Do you remember the Circle of Love introductions?! 
This was his first time to the beach with this crew as well.  And Derrick is his pal he brought along to join us.
It was good food and good times.  I highly recommend Doc's if you are in the Gulf Shores area. 
And tomorrow, we get to celebrate this ol dude!!  Good ol' dad!! 
Love, MO


Amy K said...

Awesome! That little Gabbi Girl's smile must light up the entire room, because when she shows up on my monitor, her smile will always put a smile on my face!

Bj said...

Great fun and great friends....don't git no better than that!! Thanks for sharing, loved it. Huggers, BJ


Zhohn said...

Love the pics! When I read that Ellie was wearing Justice I was wondering how she found such a small size! But of course, just wear it as a dress! Go Ellie! Gabbi is so cute with her banana. She does love her some men! :)

Good luck to Sarah, congratulations.

Happy Father's Day to Todd tomorrow...he may just be the best Dad I know! And I don't 'know' him!! But your blog and Facebook represents him well! I know he loves all three of his girls!