Saturday, May 26, 2012

We be at the beach!

Well, we made it to the beach.  It may be a record for how many times we have made the SIX hour trip to the beach in one year.  And we are only in MAY!!
 As is now the tradition, we stopped at the Farmer's Market to get fresh veggies/ fruits and now, because I can't live without them, fresh flowers!!
 I brought a girl from MMPT with me this go round.  She'd never been to the beach, and I told her I am making it my mission to rid the world of that phrase, "I've never been to the beach" forever.
 We also brought our newest babysitter, Hannah.  Seen above in pink. 
 Gabs did as Gabs does and went straight to digging in the sand. 
 These two were just pleased as punch to put their toes in the water.

 So, day one... we just kinda got acquainted with the surroundings.  We were a little late arriving.
 But Ellie Sue got right into the groove of the activities with sugar candy projects.  I love the Beach Club for that very reason... always something to do.

 The pool was much busier than it was back a few weeks ago.  It was kickin like a chicken.
 Ellie made friends with these two at the tiki bar.  She could talk to a post.  In fact, she probably met this white one!
This little tiki hut is one of my favorite places at the Beach Club!  They can make just about any kind of daiquiri one can imagine!  Mango, Banana, Peach, Strawberry, Chocolate,... you name it, they can make it!

Ellie was happy to show off her new glitter tattoo, lavendar glitter at that.  She was representing Linda Lavendar School of Dance!  And she was looking bad to the bone! 
Day two to be highlighted tomorrow.  We played in the pool, ocean, and even got to watch some cheerleaders do their thing at cheer camp! 

It took some doing, but I got all my ducks in a row to get the photos loaded up on KK's computer.  Cause some dummy forgot to pack her laptop and charger... Peace out til tomorrow.



Amy K said...

Ooohh Laa Laa - that is one glitzy tattoo Miss Ellie Sue!
I always love your beach pics Mo. I get to live vicariously through you. ha!

Mama J said...

Yayyyy!!! I will call in to work...and tell them I am at the Beach...thanks for taking me. (Think Bernie's weekend)

Zhohn said...

I can't believe you forgot you forgot your laptop! Maybe that was a sign for a good break that you need ;)

The girls ate precious, as always.

Renee said...

Have fun!

Beth E. said...

I'm missing the beach BIG TIME. We had our son's wedding last year and didn't get to go then. We're paying for our other son's car and medical bills this year, so no beach right now. Once we get our youngest graduated from college and out on his own, we just might have money again! ;-)

Have a wonderful vacation!