Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Madi is playing tee ball!

Well, would ya look at that?!  Field 11.  That has to be a sign, doesn't it?!
 Where are we?!  Welllll, let's see... here's one of my favorite nephews!
 I had to sit with him.  I miss him.  I hardly ever see him anymore!  Both the big boys are too cool for their "old" Aunt Mo.
 Miss Thang was there to offer her support.
 Both grandmothers were down there on the front row like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  They are more than likely comparing photos on their cellphone at that very moment!
 Why?, you may ask.... Because it is Madi's tee ball game!!
 And we had to go and offer our encouragement.  Our daddy didn't want Ellie to play this year.  He felt four was just a little too young.
 I disagreed, but being the submissive wife that I am, I relented.  (Don't blow your coffee out ya nose over that statement!!)
 Really in truly, our life is just about crazy enough these days than to add practice and games, so I didn't fight him too hard.  He had a point that most of the four year olds stand in the outfield and pick flowers.  But.... there will be an advantage to having played a year when they are five. 
 Ellie doesn't say a whole lot about wanting to play.  She says a LOT about dancing.  And lately, she has been mentioning gymnastics, so as soon as we get back from vacation in mid June, we will be looking into that.  Lawd, don't the kids start young these days.
 But my girl is just so happy to even be a the game... even as a spectator.
 And these two are just partners in crime.  Madi didn't forget her pose, even in cleats!
 They are just about the best buddies any two can be.
 Complete with a BIG ol WAD of gum!!  What?!!  Did someone say SNOWCONES?!!?
 and Awwaaaaaay they went!! 
Maybe we'll tee ball it next year.



Amy K said...

Hahaha, blowing coffee out my nose....
The picture of Madi with her wad of gum is priceless.
I just love to see the bond they share.
Have a relaxing, renewing vacay. Can't wait to see beach pictures!

Zhohn said...


Have fun this weekend!

Bj said...

How cute is all this??? TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! Have a GREAT DAY Mo!! Huggers, BJ

Deb said...

I just want you to know that I was about to take a sip of coffee...that would have been a mess. Thanks for the warning! I don't always comment but do read every day. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

snekcip said...

Ellie is gonna LOVE T-ball and gymnastics!! Tell Todd....even some of the older kids still "pick flowers, play in the sand and even make "base cakes"...yep..base cakes!! They cover the bases w/sand and stick blades of grass in the sand!! HA!!!! Bre was hilarious this past season. She was intent on "tagging the runners". Most of them were little boys she went to school with. One game she chased one kid wayyyy out in the outfield and clobbered him!! It was byfar the funniest moment of the season. She got up triumphantly as the poor kid laid there in a daze and she proudly exclaimed!! I caught him...I caught him!!

So far as will have a cartwheel turning, playground circus act on the monkeybars, countless reprimands of NOT hanging on anything precariously, backwards flip off the sofa and ohh yeah...make sure anything that can punctured by small feet be removed or placed up high. Things such as dogs, television, your stomach, your face etc!! Yeah...its pretty crazy here! That girl LOVES! LOVES! LOVES! GYMNASTICS!! She is so toned its ridiculous!!! Hmmmm wonder if a 40plus woman would look funny in a unitard, running and doing somersaults....nayyyyyy couldn't embarrass the poor kid like that! I'll stick to my ZUMBA!!! :)

snekcip said...


MaryH said...

Madi, your big brother is having a ball watching you play T-ball on Field 11! Ellie you will be great with gymnastics and Gabi girl, just stay little for a bit longer and play in the dirt and love on all the animals.

Renee said...

I was wondering when you become the submissive spouse. LOL Glad Maddi is enjoying tee ball.

Beth E. said...

This sure brings back memories of when our boys played t-ball. Gosh, I miss having little ones!

Madi and Ellie will definitely keep their moms and dads hopping with all of their activities...Gabbi, too! :-)