Sunday, May 20, 2012

Recital 2012

Boy.  Talk about a busy weekend!  I have been counting down the days til this weekend came.  And went, if I am just being honest!!  I had to make sure I kept the costumes HIDDEN in the house, and make sure I kept up with every tiara, sequin cuff, flower for hair, sequin sock, etc.  That kind of stresses me out.  And then,... do we have new tights, gifts for our friends, flowers ordered for backstage, etc.  The whole thing is a pretty major production.
 But here you have it.... these totally awesome kids who LOVE dancing and who are MORE than excited that they get to dance "on the big stage" this past weekend.
 Ellie is an old pro at it, having had her first recital last year.  Gabs was so happy she couldn't contain herself.  I had more than one person come to me after the dress rehearsal and say, "Gabbi might have been the happiest kid in the whole recital."  She had a permanent grin!!  Unless of course, she was obsessing over her lip gloss, as in these photos!!
 Oh yes sir, we SHO NUFF have on make up.  And that made recital night ever more special!
 I'll tell you one thing.... these two little girls had some seriously proud parents!

 We had about 40 bobby pins per head to ensure everything stayed in its place for the big night.
 Along with hairspray, names in every single piece, seats saved for every family member on their way... can you tell I was a little stressed?!  There were lots of things I had to keep top of mind for this weekend to be successful.
 When we arrived, this is what the side door to the Civic Center looked like.  This is the group of parents/ supporters still waiting for the girls from the previous recital to exit from backstage.
 And backstage is where we were headed.  Would you look who we found there?!
 It was NUTS back there!!! 
 WE got right into passing out gifts.  Madi said, "OH, Ellie.  It is perfect.  I love it."  She is so dramatic!!  It was a ballerina necklace!  But you'd have thought it was a gold bar.
 And then, Gabs wouldn't stay put with her group.  That's Mary Allison's sister, Elaina, standing.  She was in charge of backstage with Gabs's group.  And that's KK who'd come to visit them too.
 Gabbi could NOT stay away from the "big stage".  She was showing KK where she'd be dancing within about 30 minutes.
 This is Ruby.  I think her mom may read my blog.  She is in Pennsylvania getting her post degree in nurse anethesist.  She was unable to be a the recital.  I assured her we would take care of her baby.  And we DID!  Ruby did a great job and had lots of mamas backstage to love her and mama her before, during and after!!   LeighAnn, we got yo back!
 And I bet you can't guess who snagged up Ellie Sue's class.  Yep.   Mary Allison was Ellie Bellie's backstage helper.
 I love this picture.  My two pretty girls.
 And when I saw all these backstage gifts, flowers and such being delivered, I knew I needed to get myself to the audience.  I'll show more on the recital and all the people who LOVED my girls enough to come watch them in tomorrow's blog post. 
Goodnight to all.  So happy to have the opportunity to let my girls dance. 



Zhohn said...

Sweeeet!!! Love the pictures!! I can only imagine how stressful that was. The joy on those babies faces are worth it!!

Holly said...

LOVE IT!! The girls looked beautiful and so excited! Can't wait to see the rest!

Amy K said...

Oh, these are truly priceless. Thanks for sharing amidst your busy life. It's such a joy to watch your girls grow.

Bj said...

Mo, my granddaughter (now 15 yrs.old), started "dance" when she was 3 and continued for 10 years!! These are priceless memories for you and your girlies!! ENJOY and thanks for sharing...looking at these pictures sure brought back some sweet memories...huggers, BJ


snekcip said...

There is nothing quite like the excitement during recital time!!It's such a great feeling seeing your BABIES dancing, it really shows how much hard work the girls and their instructors put into the production!! Ellie, Madi, Gabbi and Ruby all looked adorable!!!

Lindsay said...

These pics are Incredible!! Blow them up on can canvases as fast as you can!! :) hang in there with the stress - one day at a time, I try to tell myself!!

Renee said...

As a mom of boys, I didn't live the recital life. But if sure looks like your little ones love it.