Friday, May 18, 2012

Just hanging out and goodbye Mr. Karl

 I know I mention this often, but I am really, really glad that my girls get to spend so much time in the art room.  Admittedly, we have not spent as much time there lately as we used to. 
 Ol mama is working hard!  Really  hard!   Many of you remember that Mr. Karl has been an employee at MMPT for the past 10 years.  As the Bible says, " there is a season and a purpose for everything under Heaven".  It seems that the season of his being with me there has passed.  And he feels called to start his own clinic.  In the past this would have totally seemed like a negative thing.... particularly when the employee is opening a clinic in the same town as mine, catering to the same clientele.  (He's number seven, in case anyone is counting!)
 But instead I have decided to take it as a compliment and realize I do a pretty good job of raising up leaders.  I actually STUDY leadership and have a great passion for that subject.  I know that all 7 of the former employees who worked for me learned a lot about how to run a business from mine, and well, they are all still in business, as am I, so there must be room for us all!
 The point to all that is this... I don't get to stay home as much as I was the past three months.  You know... that time when I could be at home with my babies at least once a week.  I had art classes twice a week.  I even had back to back weekend retreats!!  Nope.  Not now.  Now, I am hot and heavy back being a physical therapist.  After all, I had a number of patients who I considered "mine" on the schedule, and Karl had been a very, very busy therapist for a long time.  After all, he was actually my clinical director of all 5 of my clinics.  so, I had to absorb my load, his load, and total clinical direction of the clinics.  Oh... and take on all the scheduled students he had for the summer.
 The good news is that I LOVE being a physical therapist.  I love patient interaction, and I love being in the daily grind with my staff.  It was really just a matter of mind shift to me.  I have to focus my energies instead of dividing them! 

However, I was really looking forward to a summer with these little boogers too!
 KK will be keeping them, so I know we will likely be meeting up 2-3 times a weekfor lunch.  I also intend for Gabs to do multiple therapies at my office, so we can also see each other then.  It's called doing what you gotta do.  And well, I'm doing it.
 I have always felt there to be a different "energy", if you will, in the clinic when I am there anyway.  Not that I am the end all be all of positivity, but for sure, the mood elevates, generally, when I am there all loud and boisterous.  And I am not the only one.  I am sure you have that person aat work who, when he/ she is off, the whole place seems quiet and sorta lonely.  Well, I just think that being back at work has  been a positive thing!!
 So, I wish Mr. Karl success.  I wish he hadn't left, especially to join forces with another pediatric group, but life goes on.  I have already hired another pediatric PT, and I intend to teach her to treat kids and adult neuro patients, just like I do.  She has the heart for children and service, and just to love and care for people, so the actual therapy is really the easy part!!
 The pace of  my life for the past month has seemed insane.  I wish I could stop and smell the roses, but quite frankly, there is just no time!!  I do hope to take a little time in the very near future to visit the beach with my girlies. 
 And of course, I will be blogging.  

So, bear with me as I struggle to get it all done.  I know you KNOW .  Everyone has this same pressure to complete as much in a day as possible.  Well, loggin is usually the last thing I do before I go to bed.  
 And so this concludes my photo montage.  We've done art, gymnastics, eaten ice cream, and now...
 a little swinging and a brief dress up session to round out the day!
 Only thing left to do is CRASH!!!  I am right there with you, baby girl!!
Recital tomorrow!!



Riley said...

Thanks for the update Mo! I had a feeling life has been spinning for you lately. I hope in the midst of Karl leaving you have time to think about all the rejuvenation that can happen this summer! (And yes, 7 employees leaving MMPT is a testament to your leadership, your practice, and YOU! - You really do ROCK at everything you do.)

Bj said...

Mo, I have EVERY confidence in your abilities!! YOU DO INDEED ROCK!! Your employees are blessed to have you for a "boss" of luck in all you do....huggers, BJ

MaryH said...

I have been under the proverbial gun at work and home also - I can relate. I hope your new PT works out and fits right in and allows you some extra time with your girlies. I never knew how you did it all before - now, I bow to you lady. Hope the recital is fabulous and fun. Need pictures for sure.

Zhohn said...

Whoa! When I read the title of this blog I immediately said to myself, not THE Karl!! I had no idea. Best of luck and I hope things slow down for you soon.
Can't wait to see pics of the recital. ;)

Cassie12 said... are going thru so much!!! I hope your new PT works out and you soon will be able to have some free time. I know your people love having you at work are so much fun to be around and I am sure the energy and spirits are high when you are at work with them!!! Hang in there!!! Hugs!!
Redwood City, CA

HeartSong said...

I was wondering if Karl was leaving because of comments I was reading on FB. So, I am happy/sad, too! :) :(
I can testify that the energy level definitely goes up a notch (or two.....or ten!) :) when you're there! And we love it that way. God's grace is more than enough for ech season. You are so awesome!

Mama J said...

One door closes and another door opens..just the way life works. Things go along really well and BAM, that door flies open and there ya go. But, when the timing is right, the stars will align again and all will be right in MMPT land. You are a chameleon and will adapt to whatever is thrown at ya. You just may have to change some of your know what I mean Jelly Bean? LOL

Beth E. said...

A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do...and you do it SO WELL! I admire your energy and passion for every aspect of your life. That's what makes you so good at being a mom and a PT!

The pictures of your girls are wonderful...they get more beautiful with each pic. I have to say, the ballerina pictures of them together are some of the sweetest I've ever seen!

Best wishes to Karl...I've heard a lot of great things about him from you, so I know God has awesome plans for him.

snekcip said...

Gonna miss Karl's face on the blog, but wish him well in his endeavors. Mo, love your attitude and how you always try to find the positive in every thing! I know for a fact that since I have been following your blog(and that has been a LONG time) I've known you as a woman of MULTIPLE talents and able to juggle a fool schedule... but darn it Mo...YOU DO "LOGGING" before bed?!!! HA!! Go girl!! (wonder if you LOG in those GREEN SHOES)!! If so...we need pictures girl!!!

*you know I had to get you on that typo* :)