Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter marketing cuties

Back to having my issues with the computer at home.  I have officially uploaded my pics to the puter at work.  And after a day like I had today, I did NOT have a moment to sit at my desk and do anything, including necessary paperwork, and for SHO not to upload blog pics!
So here I sit in the wee hours of the night, listening to 101 Dalmations in one room, and Todd snoring in the other, and I search my computer for pics I haven't already posted.  I find these.
These are the Peep skewers we sent to the doctors' offices who refer patients to us as a nice little "thank you" for Easter.  Turned out kinda cute, huh?! 
Pics from Easter egg dyeing tomorrow!! 



Zhohn said...

That is cute! Hope the computer issues get worked out :(

Amy K said...

Adorable indeed! Pinterest inspired?

Shannon said...

What a cute idea!!

snekcip said...

Love this idea!! Very cute!

Renee said...

So creative and cute!