Monday, April 30, 2012

Kindergarten round up!!

Our day started sorta regular.  We started on our way to Donna's.  But, there were a few exceptions.  One is that Ellie didn't FIGHT me about what she was going to wear to school that day.
Because by "school", I meant SCHOOOOL!!!  It was kindergarten round up day!!  We'd been talking about this day for weeks.
This was last Friday.  I also wondered how Gabs would take it, you know, being dropped off at Miss Donnas, with sissy going on with mom and dad.  Oh, that was different too!!  Mom AND Dad were heading to school with Ellie.
Because you better believe Daddy-O wasn't going to miss this day for anything! 
And Ellie absolutely LOVED having both of her parents with us and her having full attention of us on that day special day.
Even several days later, this is the picture that kinda makes me wanna cry!  So special!
Do you think I may have looked like the stalker mom in the parking lot!?  Understand, we weren't even in the building yet!!  ha.
Daddy opened the door for her and we were off to find the others.  And find them we did.
It didnt' take this social butterfly long to find her crew.  She knows Isabella (in the green maxi dress) from dancing.  The other two were friends she met that day.  Avery is the little blond on the end.  I KNOW she and Ellie Sue will end up  being good buds.  I mean, she had FEATHERS in her hair!! 
It was sweet that the school's concession stand handed out popsicles to the newbies.
This is actually as the crowd was clearing out, but I thought I'd share Ellie's new gym with you all.
Ellie was feeling her place at this school.  I think she felt she was home!!
And mama was plenty proud!  I took her around to the classrooms, with Dad around for the majority of the tour.  I think he got bored. 
There are four kindergarten classrooms.  And for the most part, they are all very similar.  They have a book area.  And "centers" with pretend kitchens, climbing areas, and THIS....
ART SUPPLIES!!!  I could hear the heavens ope,n and I got all tingly.
She recognized stamps, colored pencils, markers, crayons, glue, and all things that are good.
There was this one point at which Ellie Sue was drawing a very elaborate family of four, all complete with different outfits, tiaras, a pouf in one of their hair-dos, and then she started adding everyone's words.  Ellie, Gabbi, Todd, Mom, Isabella, Groves,.... just word after word after word.  The mama next to me, asked, "How OLD is she?"  I said, "She's four".  And as she continued to write (very well might I add), "WHen will she be five?".  "In July", I replied.  I could tell the lady was a little concerned, so I went on to explain that Ellie has been around art supplies her whole life, and draws and paints just about daily!  I was kind of feeling sorry for her.  Especially when I asked her son, "Hey, I love all those colors you are using.  What are YOU drawing?"  He said, "A ROCK". 
I'm really saying all of that in jest.  She and I bonded later, when we realized she was over 40 too, and realized we'd be a couple of the older parents in kindergarten. 
And I am fully aware that girls draw families with elaborate outfits, and boys draw, well, rocks!
This is the beginning of the drawing.
And then she added most of her numbers.  She just LOVED showing off the things she's learned from Miss Donna's. 
And so... there it is.
And there SHE is... my kindergartener!!
The last fun of the day was the playground.  Ellie loved that too, especially when the first graders came out to play.  7 year olds... oh YEAH!! 
Can you believe my baby is going to school this fall?!!?



Zhohn said...

I really can't believe it!! The pics of Todd and his girl are precious. How did she grow up so fast!??
Although I can't wait to hear the stories if Ellie's school days there's this little piece of me that wants to cry!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Awww, Zhohn. It's touching that you love my girls seemingly as much as I do!! Thank you for always commenting and letting me know how you are connecting to me, my family, and my words.


melinda marie said...

I gotta know about Madi and Ellie going to diff schools!

melanie, aka Mo said...

MMHB, staci Abd Don moved end of last year. They are in a different school zone now. And that's about it. We miss their livIng next door, but things change and life moves on!

Riley said...

Ellie will definitely love school! She looked right at home and it sounds like will be the top of her class. With all the changes for the four of you Groves, I can only imagine much joy, excitement, and a little worry.

Holly said...

I can't believe she's starting kindergarten! I feel all weepy! Where does the time go???? She looked so precious and so grown up!!!! Love Daddy pictures. Daddy's have such an impact on a girl's self esteem, and teach her how a man should treat her! Todd's setting the bar nice and high! You guys are great parents!!

Holly & JakeDog

Mama J said...

Another sweet chapter in the Groves' book of life...and a wonderful life it is. Ellie looked adorable and very comfy within herself. That speaks well of you. Thanks for sharing this moment with us. Looking foward to some "real" antics when school starts...bahahahaha

Amy K said...

Awww, this makes me teary eyed. I can't believe she's already going to kindergarten. Oh, the new adventures...looking forward to following along.
Reminds me of my own kiddos starting school.

Dottie Phillips said...

Oh Mo! My baby Brooke starts Kindergarten this year too. We have pre-K graduation on the 24th. She is all registered and ..... tears! How is it possible? :(

Bj said...

Okay, tears in muh coffee this morning! LOL, so many memories flashing thru my mind (my baby is 42). Where does time go?? Thanks for sharing it!....huggers, BJ

Becky said...

Makes me want to cry!!!

Becky said...
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melinda marie said...

well madi and ellie will have lots of kindergarten adventures to share with one another. the best to the new kindergartners... what a milestone!!!

Beth E. said...

Good grief...I can't believe Ellie's old enough for kindergarten! Surely it was just yesterday she was just a little baby.

You're right...she's gonna LOVE being in school. She's so sweet and friendly. I have no doubt she will take all of her new classmates under her wing and teach them how to rock that kindergarten class! :-)

Zhohn said...

Of course I love your girls! For that matter, your ENTIRE family! Y'all are so sweet and family oriented and just a blessing, all of you. I never have to worry about coming here and being 'brought down', you're very upbeat and inspiring (I feel the positive energy through the computer LOL).
I hope to one day be half the mom and wife you are!

P.s.-how in the world did we miss Madi's move!? Hope she still visits often.

Oh, and maybe after you catch up from being without a computer we can do a little Q & A! ;) (because you don't have enought to do, right!)

Christy said...

No! I can't believe lil miss is going to school!!! That's exciting and a little sad at the same time.. They sure do grow up fast! Love the pics of her and Todd!

coolgirl2011 said...

It seems like just yesterday that y'all was bringing her now she's starting school, where oes the time go?
My nephew is about to start Pre-k,he's 3 they grow up so fast.

Renee said...

Wow, so exciting and yet so sad at the same time. When my oldest (Brennan) started Kindergarten I didn't cry until it was time to pick up my youngest (Ross) at preschool. They are only 1 year and 6 days apart and that day was the first time Ross had done something independently since he was born. He was ALWAYS where ever Brennan was. They are both high schoolers now but I remember that day like yesterday. They grow up so so fast.

Theresa Shirley said...

Wow---can't BELIEVE it's time for her to go to school already!! What a big girl! You know she will be the social butterfly from day one. Don't know where she'd get that from, huh? I haven't commented much lately, but have been reading every word! Just wanted to drop in to say Hey! :)