Sunday, March 25, 2012

A "real" tea party!

Lately, this is Gabbi Girl's FAVORITE thing to do! She LOVES for Ellie and me to sit at her little table and let her serve us. (Hey Cathy... show Toby that piece of paper Ellie was working on on her table. SHe is all about the new name she's learned to write!). Sorry. Sidenote!Gabbi really, really steps it up a knotch when I let her use "real" Coke in the cups. Ellie just wants to put on her necklaces and be served. So it works nicely! It's interesting that we get to really play "normal" three year old games and activities with my baby girl. Ellie was wanting to add some high heels and make up at three! I love that my girls are so polar opposite. In fact, I saw on Pinterest this weekend how to judge your kids' Love Languages. I very quickly and easily picked each of my girls' language. Ellie is Quality Time. She likes my undivided attention and wants me to watch every single move, dance, concert, trick she does. Because of that, I need to make an attempt to schedule more one on one things with her. My Gabs is a Physical Touch gal! She wants to climb all over me all the time, and she LOVES hugs and kisses. She prefers I carry her all the time, and although I have always said she is my "baby", because she is not very independent, I think I am starting to realize she really just wants to be touching me. So for her proverbial cup to be filled, I need to make sure I shower her with kisses, read to her in my lap, and snuggle a lot with her, i.e. in a bean bag, on the couch, etc.
If you are interested in that, check out my Pinterest board, "For my kids". If you have kids, you will probably like to see it. It is real near the top of the board.

Ok, back to the tea party! Funny... this is the "quality time" that my older kid so craves.
I guess that just proves ALL kids crave a little QT from time to time. We got these great velcro toys for Christmas this year. One is a chocolate cake, and the other is a pizza. Gabs LOVES this toy!! Note we have cookies, rasberries, and strawberries on our pizza. I'm surprised we don't have mushrooms and bacon on our cake!I do love being mama to these two little girls. My little tenderhearted angel, and my tween wanna be. Just plain ol' blessed!



Zhohn said...

Blessed indeed!

Amy K said...

Sweet, happy faces...great way to start the day!

Renee said...

Yep,definitely blessed. Can't get over how long the girls' hair is getting. Too cute.

Joan said...




Cathy said...

Haha - I noticed the table right away! Love and kisses to all of you

Desiree said...

We wanted those toys for christmas but by the time I went to get them they were sold out :(.