Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eating crawdads

Yessirrree. That's the way we do it down here in Louisiana!! Anyone watching American Idol? Did you see a couple of weeks ago when Randy had crawfish brought in for that Louisiana boy? Is it Joshua Ledette?!
Anyway... no kidding. we LOVE crawfish! And today, two of my buds from work came over to help me in my yard. I had a LOT of junk to move because I brought a LOT of junk from my old house to this one when we moved here. In appreciation, I bought crawfish. Above is Keif. He is the facilities manager of all my clinics. He is also very involved with many of my patients and just a great guy. He helped me a TON in the yard today. And next we have Todd. He did a great job of playing golf all day and pretending that he doesn't even know we have a yard today! This is me.( sans make up, clean hair, nice clothes of a bath) Feeding Lizzie crawfish too. Robin's entire family came over to enjoy the crawfish with us. This is her husband, Jeff. And that little boy in the yellow is her son, Jackson. THen, there's Ellie and remember Sarah, from the old house?! Well, we picked her up today too. We have a housefull tonight. Lydia is lying in our new Hacker Sack, wearing a green shirt. She's spending the night here too! Keif's son, Holden, couldn't stand it and wanted to stay here too. He loved the idea of sleeping in one of my bunkbeds! That's cool to all boys, I think. Yummm... We bought 70 pounds! THat's a lot of crawfish! If you are even in Louisiana, you gotta try them. And if y0u are coming by here, holler so I can put on make up and clothes that fit. Just sayin! Our new sitter, Hannah, (first time "tryout" was today) took this picture. My sitters have to be able to multi task... AND get it all on camera!! ha. SHE PASSED!



Bj said...

Looks like fun...BUT...I was born in Kilgore, TX.....raised in Louisiana (still in LA), and I've just never been able to develop a taste for the "mudbugs"...I think it's because they take too much effort to eat....bahahaha! Great pics Mo...thx for sharing....BJ

Renee said...

Love me some crawfish! Yummy!

Sam said...

I live in North Carolina and I love all kinds of seafood, but never tried crawdads! My daughter's new dog zeke, found some in our back yard. We have all these holes and in them he dug out a crawdad that was as big as my finger! I did not know they like mud holes!