Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well, Helllllooooo, Mickey.

And everyone who goes to Disney World dreams of THIS moment!! Mickey awaiting us with open arms! As I've mentioned, Ellie is never really all that sure that she wants to visit the characters. But Gabbi is always willing and ready!!
Now don't think we just walked right on up to say hi. Not by a long shot. We stood in line for about 20 minutes. But, there are actuallly times that I have seen people wait for almost two hours. Ummmm... NOPE!! Not this family!

If the wait had been like that, the adults in this family would've been saying, "heyyyy, look over there , girls!" and totally distracting them from the Mouse. Good for them, the wait wasn't bad at all.
THe thing is, though, when you wait in that line, you get to go and visit with a whole slew of characters. This is Epcot, by the way.
Gabbi slapped Pluto with a "five".
And rubbed his nose. Ellie looked at him like he had three eyes.
Once she wamed up, she wanted to go home with him.
And would ya look at that!! Minnie Mouse!! Hello, there, Minnie!!
Ya know, she really IS a cute mouse!
Again, Ellie admired her from afar. For her to be so outgoing, and aggressive in so many ways, Ellie is certianly not forward wthen it came to the characters, and even though she met the 40" tall limit to ride some of the rides, she did NOT want to. I guarantee that if Gabs grows about 4" or so this year, she will be right on those rides with her daddy! I am with Ellie Sue. I DON'T do scary rides!!

Well, what do we have here? Is that really Ellie Sue posing with the big duck?
Ahhhh, now we are settled in! Pluto, Minnie, Mickey, Donald, and now Goofy!!
Not long after that, we went to the Nemo show. And in the lobby, there are areas to pose and take pictures. Can you see that family of girls in the shark's mouth?
There they are again, and they look like they are in trouble.
This just LOOKS like a lot of strollers. This is definitely the slow season at Disney!
And after Nemo, popsicles for the cool kids.
One more stop... somewhere in some country, out in the middle of Epcot. We happened up on this courtyard full of characters, and there was no line!!
Since we aren't really Peter Pan fans, the girls hadd no idea who these dudes were. I had to go and break the ice for them.
And then, they settled on in. Bre, you starting to believe me on that whole "best time to go to Disney" thing? I mean, look at the lives to the characters. Like 3 people in them!
What is it with Ellie and ducks? She moves right on in if it has a beak and says quack quack.

As usual, the popsicle became much less interesting about 1/4 of the way through it, leaving good ol dad to figure out the situation.
But how in the world can we ever be bothered by it when this cute little thing is the one causing the mess?
I was surprised at how much my girls liked the street theatrics played out in several of the countries. I think this may be England.
And I was actually sneaking a picture of this bride and groom (who I overheard tell the photographer) were married in NOVEMBER, but then Gabs stood up and looked so dang cute. They were standing in line to take a picture with Pooh and Tigger.
About this time, Ellie was being a total turdlet.
She cocked her leg up on the other side of the stroller so Gabbi couldn't sit down.
And she was looking at us like, "What? Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about".
Oh, here is a family not too far from being the Duggars. And the mama was pregnant. She had eight. I counted. And because Disney wasn't crowded, and because they all wore orange. And because she had her own basketball team (both teams!), they were easy to spot and I spotted them often. Lord have mercy. I do NOT know how they do it. My TWO wear me out!!
And at long last, Tigger and Pooh!!
Once again, Gabbi was the only one to make contact.
Although Ellie did pretend she might hug him.
We all bid adeux and hit the trail. Much, much more to see and do!!
Next up... Magic Kingdom!

Oh.... and welcome Nena Beth to the MoJoy Retreat!! You are IN! And I can't wait to meet you. I've been working on the agenda and projects!!


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