Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hollywood studios

Hollywood Studios. I was a little resistant. Todd said it would be fun and we should go! And awwwaaaaay we went.
It took me a while to get the concept of what this place was about. But basically, it is like the "sets" to movies/ cities, etc., thus Hollywood "studios". Duh, Mo!
Everytime we entered a new park, Gabs had to get the park Guide Map and would start studying the layout. WHy? I have no idea.
Ellie just started studying what all the teenagers were wearing. And noticing all the languages everyone was speaking.
Ya know, and I know you do, I have a good husband! He patiently deals with three women and wants to make sure that his girls have the best experience in every situation in which he's involved. I am a lucky woman. And my girls are lucky to have them as their daddy.
Oh, Hey there, Robin and George. I sure do like our morning meetings every day. I especially like you, Robin. I think you are a class act!
And can you believe this is a set? Check out the buildings at the end of this "street". Being a set designer must be a pretty cool job.
I mean, that is realistic.
The girls and I went to this park called "Honey, I shrunk the Kids" while our dad went to the Star Wars experience. NOT MY THING! (Sorry, Elaina... Mary Allison's older sister was some character in that show last year. ANd I am sure she was great at what she did. And to all those Star Wars fans, I am sure you were absolutlely fabulous!).
This park is big enough that the parents can explore with the kids.
But THIS parent wasn't in the mood to climb and scale and slide and stoop, so I found me a spot that I could see them going up, in and out!!
They were sliding out of a can of film. Cool, huh?

Oh. There I am.! Check out my shadow at the base of the slide.

The girls took a second to pause and take a pic on this gigantic ant. I had to slow them down because Ellie Sue's asthma was in full force just before we left town and then anytime she got active, it was cough, cough, cough, all over again.
We would take little breaks from playing to get our breathing back in check. (Look at her hair feathers. Hilarious!)
FINALLY!! Dad showed back up from "a galaxy far, far away". I can't delete this picture for some reason. Sorry. It is a reminder of the rubbery surface that Todd may want to check into for our back porch area. Just sayin.
Ellie was headed to find that buggy. She was all about riding in a stroller. And look at my handsome husband. Hubba Hubba.

Look at THAT set!! That is Lombard Street (is that it!??) in San Francisco. That is so cool.
Ahhhh... Phinneaus and Ferb! Now THAT's higher education TV, people.
We waited in the line for about 15 minutes before Ellie said, "I don't really want to see them." And that was ALL this mama had to hear. Out of that line we went!!
I'm sure Ferb had some great things to share, but it was going to have be with other kids. We were on our way to a 3D Muppet Adventure.
This is the way the majority of the week looked. Todd holding one. I, holding the other.
But, hey... It's Disney. What's there to ever complain about?!
And for Ellie Sue's FAVORITE thing at Hollywood Studios. The outdoor dancing group and Disney Channel Rocks show.
Now exactly sure why, but that girl in the yellow was her favorite. SHe told me numerous times!!
I videoed that girl a lot so we could watch it over and over and, if I know Ellie like I think I know Ellie, memorize the moves.
I think she could've sat and watched that show over and over and over. She LOVED those big girls in cool clothes, dancing to pop music. Definitely right up her alley!
the girls really were fairly well behaved for the whole trip. As far as I can recall, they were more willing to stay in the stroller this year as compared to the last three. And that makes for a much less frustrated mama and daddy, especially when we are not having to chase them.
When the show was over, the girls hung around a little longer and were given some of the streamers from the show. WoW! WHat a treat.

So, all in all, I'd say Hollywood Studios was a WIN for the Groves Family on vacation.
And just like Elaina, I can see Miss Priss potentially wanting to head to Disney one day to be in a show...likely the Disney Channel Rocks show!!


Mary said...

We used go to Disney every year Thanksgiving week....right until our oldest went to high school and it became like a friggin federal offense to take them out of school (kidding, but you know what i mean). I don't know what it is but when you enter those gates doesn't like your whole world change. Like nothing matters....everyone is happy...I hate stuffed animals and all the crap but yes, you must have that stuffed minnie. I was trading pins like it was my job! To this day my kids still talk about our trips to Disney. They've been to Mexico, caribbean islands, Europe....but they talk about Disney. I hope it's the same for you. Make those memories...they are so worth it!

Lori said...

Hey Mel, when we go run the 1/2 next year, I am doing Disney with you! Seph and I spend our entire 1 day at Hollywood studios and saw nothing that you did!!! I am so oblivious to things!
Anyway, trivia for you today...that rubber surface (the photo you couldn't delete)..was created by a guy named Chad Foster. He is from Lafayette, LA!!! Doesn't live there now, but can you say gazillionaire! We teach about him in my class at school. There, don't say you didn't learn something new today :)

Sharidrew said...

Great pictures. I've never known anyone to go to Hollywood Studios. Thanks for sharing! Looks like a fun place. Oh, and Lombard St in San Fransisco is crooked. I don't know what street that is but it looks like the street that was in the movie Moneyball. Eitherway, cool pictures! I would love to visit the magic kingdom. (if I could get my husband to go!)

Hugs from Missouri,

Rhonda said...

I totally agree with EVERYTHING about Mary's comment!! Disney is such a world of it's own! Make those memories - so worth it!!!!

snekcip said...

Gotta make Disney a future trip!! Thanks for sharing Mo!!!

Anonymous said...

And I love Gabbi's outfit! The colors are great:)

kimybeee said...

love it - the girls are so adorable!!

Renee said...

The street shows are kinda cool, but Rock N Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror is what I love at the Studios. The Beauty and the Beast and Mermaid shows are cute too.

Becky said...

love the pix of Todd and Ellie and I'm loving be on vacation with you!