Friday, February 10, 2012

Traveling Home

It was a great week! The divas were ready to had back home. Yes, this is EXACTLY how they looked as we hit the airport... backpacks and shades, included.
And this is where we met Angel. Angel is a young lady from Jackson, MS, who is getting her MD/ PhD from Brown University! She is a really driven lady, and lucky for us, she is intending to be a pediatrician. What I mean by this is... she likes kids!
Of course, I gave her my life story. I tend to do that. I just find that my story is a crazy and awesome one with all kinds of Godwinks, and it is practically a testimony! I tell lots of people! Anyway, she thought it was neat, and I htink she may just be reading my blog now! If so, HI ANGEL! The girls were so smitten with her (particularly my tween!), that they asked if they could ride with Angel on the plane.
I kept saying, "really, Angel, if you don't wnat to do this, I will be happy to grab them to come sit with me." But Angel insisted she would be fine and that, in fact, she thought flying all the way to Mississippi with them in tow, sounded kind of fun.
And one other bonus. Ellie can now not only recognize Adele, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katie Perry, and RHIANNA!! Soooooo.... can you see a little more of her infatuation with Angel?!

Hey, Angel. Todd and I LOVED our "private time" in the row behind you, listening to our devices with headphones and reading. It was like our own little private heaven!! I love meeting new people and glad my girlies are the same way.

Have a great weekend. This coming week, I will be outlining a few of the activities for our upcoming retreat. You ready?!!? I have about 4 openings!



kimybeee said...

you crack me up!!! that is a pretty huge godwink that you have an "angel" to take care of the girls on the flight home!!!! how often would that happen to somebody? i bet that angel was sent by jakie poo to treat his aunt mo and uncle t. and that in this day and time you felt that connection and allowed your girls to hang with angel. i know you are super protective of your babies and would never put them in harms way - but how many people get a private nanny from a stranger on a flight home?

i love it mel - you need to write an inspirational book about your godwinks. our prayer email group was talking about god things not too long ago and sharing some of our stories together. and we have a wonderful leader that does all kinds of fundraising and gathering for anyone from the homeless to sick kids and she is always talking about how her god math works out perfect. you really did make me laugh at this one - i loved the story!!

Amy K said...

Awww, that is so sweet. The girls are rockin' the movie star shades.
Miss Gabbi, the slightly teal-obsessed me gasped when I saw your pants - AWESOME!
Have a fantastic weekend Mo & company.

Bj said...

Sounds like the trip home was almost as much fun as the destination was.....glad you guys are back home safely!!....huggers, BJ

Cherry said...

You have other plan this weekend also....See ya then...

Renee said...

I think your story is worth sharing. It's special. Rock on sistas with those shades.

Becky said...

That is so funny... we just returned from a trip to Cancun with our girls, ages 6 & 13. And wouldn't you know, my "social butterfly"-the 6 yr old- also made friends with a lady on our flight and sat next to her for the 4 hr ride home!!!!

Marti said...

Love that she let your girls hang out. You have nspired me- check out my blog I think you will appreciate it since you are a therapist.

Sandy P said...

I think the next time I fly with my kids and I am going to try to make a friend for them. I don't think the almost 2 year old would go for it, and the almost 8 year old boy is no problem. But, if we could find someone new to listen to/entertain my 5 year old girl, it would be an easy ride!

Do you travel without car seats? They are so big and bulky and add so much to our luggage. I was wondering if you get away without them.