Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back Home with Lizzie

And so we are all done with Disney 2012. These pics are the very day we got back from Disney. Ellie felt the need to go ahead and torture poor ol Lizzie. Ellie could not understand WHY Lizzie didn't want ponytails.
Basically, her poor little ears were turned into pigtails, and all Ellie could point out was that her gold ponytail holders "matched her LSU outfit". I'm so sure Lizzie gave a big rip.
This is actually pretty funny! I mean, check out those pigtails.
Oh, and the creme de la creme!! A big black bow on top.
I felt sorry for the little darling. I tried to hug her and console her, but every time I woudl remove her accessories, Ellie would swoop in and put them all back on.
Lizzie is strangely getting a wee bit less tolerant of my girls playing with her. SHe snapped at Gabs the other day when Gabbi was lying on top of her. Basically, laying her head on her. But, the deal is, this is no new occurence!! She's done it a million times with LIzzie's patience always being stellar.
So when she gets "snippy", it is totally surprising to us!
ANd so, we are having to watch the girls around her a little more. When they are pestering her, I totally try to discourage it, and leave her alone. But, Lizzie is a dog who seems starved for attention. SHe wants to be IN my lap if the girls are. ANd our bed is typically FIVE strong, because she is going to be wherever the rest of the girls of the family are.
Anyway, she DID look cute in those pigtails and bow.

On another note, my girls have not been out of the house AT ALL this week due to fever.Gabs is more congested and really snotty with a little coughing. Ellie has had fever on and off for 5 days, despite being on an antibiotic!! Motrin typically knocks that fever down. But, we have no idea WHAT is causing this. WE took her to the doctor on Tuesday, but looks like we may be back there on Monday.
I am ready for us to get out and do something! And I KNOW Lizzie is ready for that too! Hahaha.

Y'all have a good Sunday.



Bj said...

Poor Lizzie....she is such a sweetie. I'm sure she missed your girlies as much as they missed her. Mo, I hope your little darlin's are well soon. There is so much "mess" going around...everybody is sick, has been sick, or is fixin' to be sick!! Take care.......huggers, BJ

Zhohn said...

Lizzie is adorable!
Hope the girls get better soon!

Beth E. said...

I hope the girls are now feeling MUCH better! :-)

When our boys were young, we had to constantly work with them and teach them how to be gentle with our dog, Blondie.

Even the most gentle pets get to the point where they've "had it up to here" and become less tolerant. We made sure the boys were never alone with the dog, and if they got too rough or overly exuberant with showing Blondie how much they loved her, we separated them from her and reminded them of how to treat her. It was a lonnnng process, but they finally learned to treat her gently. Blondie was most grateful...I'm sure Lizzie will be, too! LOL

Renee said...

Poor Lizzie. Hope the girls get to feeling better soon. Sick babies is very frustrating for us mommas.

blessedmomof3 said...

Sweet Lizzie. I wonder if she might have a sore spot where Gabbi was resting her head. Our Boxer is amazingly docile and patient unless something is hurting him. Maybe Lizzie has a scrape or a cut under her fur. It might be worth checking. So sorry the girls are sick. I hope they feel better soon. My Caroline has been battling asthma/illness since Christmas so we can definitely relate. Have a great Sunday!
Leigh Ann

Linda said...

I agree with Leigh Ann....if our dogs suddenly have a change in temperment, you can almost bet the farm on them being sick or not feeling well. Once our dog snapped at one of the boys, then immediately turned and barfed! UGH! Crying baby AND dog yak! :(

Hope the girlies are soon better--I hate viral illnesses!

kimybeee said...

maybe lizzie has something going on that she doesn't feel well and they have just accidentally hurt her or maybe they have just accidentally hurt her or startled her. i know our dorkie will let you do just about anything but touch her tail. and our lab has horrendous allergies and she is great unless you touch her sore ears.

i think lizzie looked beautiful in her outfit1!! ellie did such a great job lol rescue dogs are so appreciative of their loving forever homes. now that we have the little dog the big dog thinks she can climb up and lay on you too. and sleep on the bed. and just about anything the little dog does lol and we let her cause we would hate to hurt her feelings or treat the little dog different than her. the little dog has put a lot of life back in the big, much older dog!

hope the girlies feel better soon. if ellie is on an antibiotic and still has a fever, then it is probably viral.

Kathryn said...

Quite frankly, and you know I love you, Lizzie is dStbeing mistreated. That junk on her ears is quite bothersome. She isn't some Barbie head to be adorned. She is a living creature, and those ears are sensitive.

It is the perfect time to teach those little girlies that Lizzie is not some nerveless Stuffie, but a living, breathing, creature.

Soft. No flopping on her. No doing her ears up in God knows what, and you know that has to be uncomfortable.

This is the time to teach.

melanie, aka Mo said...

I just thought I'd add... Ellie dresses up Gabbi, an actual human. And she dresses up baby dolls. And I dress up Ellie. And it's all just play. IF it was harming her, I would've intervened. Anytime I feel they are anything but "soft", I totally rebuke and separate kids from dog. But that "living breathing creature" will NOT live in THIS house if she continues to snap at my kids. I was just sharing. Openly, as usual. I should be more guarded with my blog posts, I suppose. I feel I teach my kids daily.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I hope Ellie & Gabbi feel better soon (and that you & Todd do not catch it.)
Wow, why don't these people mind their own business (do they REALLY think you & Todd would let the girls hurt the dog???) they should just keep their stupid comments to themselves!
Have a good night,
Diana from Colorado

Kaia said...

Hahaha, you're right, Lizzie does look cute with the "pigtails!" Poor doggie ears, though!

Kaia said...

Better clarify I wasn't saying you are abusing the dog after reading comments! And I agree, if she keeps snapping, she should go.

Beth E. said...

Mel, I hope my comment didn't come across as being judgmental. My intent was to show support! You know, "We dealt with this as parents, too, and got through it. You will, too!" I know you are a good parent. I don't express myself very well, though, so if I offended you I am truly sorry.

Linda said...

Hey Mo,

I didn't mean to imply y'all were mistreating the dog and I am truly sorry if I came across that way! I meant that Lizzie might be feeling sick as in ill, not as in mistreated!

Figures I am a rare commenter and I finally do and screw it up! So sorry! :(